In my last post I mentioned I had been sewing.  Over the years, I go in and out of sewing.  It started when Lisa was small and I decided to make her a dress.  

Then we planned a Birthday Party at a Chocolate Factory, and I decided to make aprons for all the party attendees.  

Then years passed and I did little or no sewing except for a Halloween costume or two, until I started practicing Yoga, again and taking a Yoga Teacher Certification course.  Then I came up with my Yogi Bags.  The Yogi bags started because I was practicing Yoga with friends in my neighborhood.  We often rode bikes to each others home to practice.  How do you carry a Yoga mat on a bike?  So, I made a simple bag for myself, and then  bags for friends, then more elaborate bags, and on and on.  

The Yogi Bags are fun to make and I learned a lot about sewing by making them.  From time to time someone needs a bag and I have a nice selection to offer.  

Earlier in the blog I posted about a small bag I had found as inspiration  to make my own small Pocket Bag.  Using fabric on hand, I eventually morphed the small Pocket Bag into a big Pocket Bag.  This is what they turned out to be:  

The bags are fun to make and like my Yogi Bags, they have one on a kind vintage buttons.  No two are exactly alike (I cannot do anything the same way, twice, anyway) and they all carry the Good Karma Yogi Bag label!  Like the Yoga Mat Bags, they are fun/addictive to make.  All it takes to get me going is some fun fabrics.  

If you are interesting in sewing, but have never sewn before, I will share with you a bit of advise from an old friend from Boston, MA,  Alice Ann.  She always said, “half of sewing is ironing.”  Turns out that this is very true!  Wash and iron your fabrics first and then continue to iron all through the project.  If you can iron a straight line you can sew one, too!  

When my bags become a big business you all can say you knew me when . . . .  Now, instead of messing around on the computer, or with the sewing machine, I must focus on getting my real house in order!  

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  1. Hi Nancy!

    I agree with your friend, I never baste-I iron the fabric before sewing and pin so I have the straight lines stay straight! I also use a
    little bit of water from a spray bottle. It helps with the folds. I love your blog-keep it going! Great photos and interesting purses!


  2. Thanks, JolieAnne! Did you know that you are the reason I recently revived this blog? You were so kind to share your favorite blogs with me. Your insight showed me that blogging could be a lot of fun! I am glad you are my friend. Nancy


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