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 It’s New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2012.  My resolution will be to work on my blog!  I still want to write about my Gram, Lucy Lista, and I want to do a page devoted to my Mom’s “Eleanorisims”, which are things that she said to me that pop into my head from time to time.  However, today, I want to share some photographs of things that I like and also things that I believe.

Starting with what I like.  For our rental cottage I have been working on the four back to back vintage bookcases since we turned he property into a rental.  The bookcases are ever changing, but this winter I reached a point with them that makes me smile:

There is one more shelf to share.  It’s the blue shelf, but I have to get the photo oriented correctly before I post it.  What I enjoy most about the shelves is although the books are ours for many years, everything else has been found here or there.  Some of the shells were found on the beach, others at Thrift stores.  Little paintings are true found treasures.  

To start the New Year off I have also decided to post a message I sent to my Hobe Sound Yogis.  It’s advise about exercise.  It’s my own personal philosophy based on my own experience as a person with very little talent, or natural ability, but a lot of will to try!   I can place myself inside all the people who struggle with exercising because I am one of them.  The difference is my will to never give up!  

I think to have a happy, healthy life one must have balance.  In other words, enjoy a glass of wine, but not the whole bottle!  Do not smoke as smoking effects your lungs and makes everything around you smell.  Smoking can also affect your energy level.  It’s addictive and hard to quit, but the benefits of leaving it behind are so great that you must find a way!  I know, as I am a former smoker!!

Weave exercise into your life so that it’s not a chore, but just part of your very existence.  Eat a balanced diet of real food vs. processed food.  Be mindful of what you eat.  Be mindful of how you treat other people when you are driving, walking, or just bumping into someone in a store, etc.  Smile first!  Always smile first!

Here is what I sent the Yogis:

Dear Hobe Sound Yogis,

Happy New Year!  It’s raining on the Florida west coast this morning.  A great day to read the paper!  The following are several interesting articles for your consideration.  

As we approach the New Year and make resolutions for better health and fitness, let’s all remember, especially, in Yoga, to take our time setting poses.  To listen to our body and do only what feels good and makes sense.  Make adjustments for your personal comfort.  Make a goal to gain control of your body through Yoga.  Yoga should never hurt your body.

In other words, customize  your Yoga Practice to yourself.  During the hour, lay down, slip into Child’s Pose or simply stand at the top of the mat when you feel the need or want a break.  Never push beyond your personal comfort level.  Build your practice over time.  Consider a new pose and maybe try part of it, vs the full version.  Build the pose over time with the realization that you do not need to do the extreme version of the pose to benefit from the pose. Use the balance bar, wall, or sturdy chair to assist balance.  

Strive to create your very own unique practice, vs a practice that looks like another Yogi in the class.  Some arrive at Yoga after decades of dance and gymnastics training.  We cannot expect to have that type of ability without the background.  However, we can achieve satisfaction from creating our own unique practice using our own personal ability.  

If you are using Yoga to recover from an injury, take it slow.  Follow your doctor’s advise and use extra caution.  Common sense and patience is required to build strength and flexibility after an injury.  Listen carefully to your body!

If you are planning a new fitness regime for your New Year‘s resolution, take it slow and mix it up.  Walk, bike or swim to develop cardio fitness.  Start your cardio program with 5 – 10 minutes a day and slowly increase to 15, 20, and eventually  30 minutes or more.  Try a new group exercise class, but build up your ability over several weeks vs. on the first day. Go into the gym and learn a new machine or all the equipment with the help of a Personal Trainer. To stay motivated beyond the month of January, find a fitness buddy to work out with.  Try to build exercise into your daily routine:  walk to the quick store, ride your bike to the beach.  Take a flight of stairs.   Be creative when doing chores.  

Most of all have fun!  Make it a priority to enjoy yourself and laugh and have fun.  Stay active in ways that suit your personal style so that it’s not “exercise”, it’s just your life, your routine, your way of living and having fun.

I look forward to seeing many of you on January 3, 2013.  Have a safe and Happy New Years Eve!