Grandview Cottage


Monday, July 15

Having departed Hobe Sound, Thursday evening after Yoga, about 8 p.m. we headed out on our road trip to Nova Scotia, Canada.  Although a long trip, it was good as the weather was overcast and cloudy for the entire drive.  Sunday morning we arrived in St. John, where we always encounter fog. It was amazing to pull up to the ferry to a clear blue sky sunny day!  

We walked the dogs on the beach by the ferry and they met a pet pig named Smokey.  All was well, then suddenly Nutty’s eyes rolled back into his head and he collapsed.  He had low blood sugar.  Luckily,I had syrup and Nutra Cal.  Took him to the car and he was conscious and was able to lick one and then the other and also water.  It took about 45 minutes before Nutty was himself, again.  Scared us very much.  About 6 months ago, one morning he collapsed and passed out which prompted a trip to Dr. Smith.  That’s how we learned about the possibility of low blood sugar in small dogs.  I always have Nutra Cal in my “dog bag”, even when I take them out on a walk.  

One minute Nutty was fine, barking away at people and the pig, then wham! he’s on the verge of a convulsion.  Freaky to say the least!

Now he’s tucked in next to me as I write.  The wind is blowing through the house and the wind chimes are chiming.  You could fly a kite in here!  Just lovely.  Thursday starts the Founders Day’s celebration.  We spent most of today getting organized; getting supplies, etc.  We plan to stay until August 14 so that’s four weeks which is something we have never done before. 
Tuesday, July 16
This a.m. Peter made coffee and then woke me up.  After coffee we walked the dogs on the property as it’s another breezy beautiful day.  After walking we practiced Yoga.  Peter did pretty well for a new Yogi.  After Yoga, he went out to work in the yard and I hopped on the Nordic Track for cardio exercise.  


After a shower I am headed to town in search of a cable to make streaming movies on the TV more efficient.  In true Shelburne fashion, the first stop, the Video Store, did not have the part.  They sent me to a second place, a Computer Store.  I pulled up and a bunch of locals hanging out under a tree asked it I was headed to the computer store?  Yes, well, then come back in an hour as Sheldon just left for lunch.  You just missed him!  So I went in search of a second computer store up by Tim Horton’s.  No luck, but I had time to kill and not wanting to eat a donut at Tim Horton’s, I pulled into the lot for a little Country Craft shop just across the street. 

In the Garage was a nice lady using a table saw.  Impressive!  Very friendly she stopped and walked into the shop with me.  On the porch was some very cool birch bark chairs and a bench.  You know the kind with most of the tree branch used as part of the design (should have taken a photo).  Then I went inside and there were several rooms filled with all kinds of wood crafty items.  The lady said they had a wood lot, cut their wood and made everything by hand.  I had to buy something so not wanting a sign, from their room filled with signs (floor to ceiling) a sample of one of the many signs is:  Don’t Worry, Changing the Toilet Paper Roll Does Not Cause Brain Damage!  I settled on several different items that make great gifts and then I made my purchase as I wanted to support their business.   Of course, before I left I met her husband and the three of us talked about all things Shelburne:  aquaculture, the ferry, the hot weather (70 degrees)and the fact that Shell Oil will be drilling in Shelburne Basin (deep water) for Oil and Gas which will improve the economy.  Thank God they said that Jordan Bay is not a oil target as it’s too shallow!  YEA! Plus their visits to Florida and where we stay out here and how long, etc. . . .

I spent about $30 and got lots of crafty wood items and then headed back to the Computer store.  Sheldon was still not back from lunch but this time I was invited into the store to wait.  When he came he said he sold the last of what I needed the day before.  To try the other computer store and if I had no luck to call him and he would order the part for me.  He directed me to my next stop which was on Water Street near the Woodworkers Home Hardware store. The guy at this computer store said, no, he did not have the part to try the Dollar Store, he buys that part there all the time as it’s the cheapest place to by anything in town.  Good advise.  I headed to the Dollar store.  

Searched the Electronics section at the Dollar Store but could not find the part so asked the women who worked there and they said they had not seen that part in 6 months!  Oh well, I called Sheldon and placed an order for the part.  On to Bargain Giant for some containers for tomato sauce that I made yesterday for pizza last night.  Then onto Sobey’s (grocery) to buy my birthday dinner.  Peter had given me a list of what to buy as he is cooking over the campfire for me tonight.  

At Sobey’s I checked all the cakes but there was no one around to help me so I pressed onto the fish department where there was no one to help me so I got granola and yogurt then went back and waited at the fish department.  I waited and waited and finally a lady shopper stopped and suggested I walk to the meat department to ring the bell.  Could not find the bell but found a door and a nice lady came out and helped me pick out a piece of salmon and some beautiful deep sea scallops.  I wanted 6 scallops, but she could only find 4 that passed her approval, so I went with four plus two giant shrimp at her recommendation.  

While she packed up the selection we chatted about how she likes scallops cooked and how her husband eats them raw.  Once all was priced and ready  I went back to the bakery where a lady was air brushing a cake.  I stood and waited for her to notice me.  No luck, changed position, no luck, finally, like any loud American, I called out over the counter.  She then helped me with a small “quarter size” deep chocolate cake.  I found candles and the little plastic holders that are no longer sold in the US.  Scooped up 4 packs so I will always have them for birthdays and checked out.

Parked the car and the dogs ran down to the hill to great me.  Peter appeared and helped bring in the packages.  Now I’m in the sunroom reading The Glass Castle which is hard to put down.  I think the book gave me the idea to BLOG about our vacation and so I started to put all this down, first in a letter to Lisa, and now to share with you all.  It’s another lovely day!  Bright and very breezy.  The plumber should be by any time now to plumb up an outdoor shower for us.  We bought the half moon shower rod like at Mars and a outdoor fixture with us to set up a great outdoor shower here!  Happy Birthday to me!



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  1. I am so happy to hear you are blogging again – I plan to check daily!! That picture of Nutty Bee is so silly and nutty : D I hope you are having another beautiful day. Please give my love to Daddy and Doggies. Kisses – Lili


  2. HI Nancy! I made a comment here the day I received your email but I do not see it above.
    There is no follow button to click on. I will try again now. xo K


  3. This time it had me sign in with my gmail acct info. Now there is a “Subscribe by email” link at the bottom. I will take a screen shot and send it to my Mom. Enjoy your extra long vacation! Wondering how your birthday dinner turned out? K


  4. KJ, sorry it took so long to reply. I am still figuring blogging out! Dinner was great! He cooked the fish over the campfire and glazed it with maple syrup. We are having a lovely time. It's so different here and that adds to the relaxing quality of our time here. Hope all is well with you. I would love it if you can “follow” the blog. And don't worry, when I return to HS I will be lucky to post monthly, vs, every day here. 🙂


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