Fogged In


Friday, July 19, 2013

I woke this morning to an overcast sky.  The fog was right up to the front window.  We are sitting here having coffee reading the paper.  A little while ago, we could hear rain on the roof.  Now, the rain has stopped and the fog has receded across the harbour.  I can see the rocky coastline of Lockport, again.  It’s still very misty down by Enslow’s Point, but the view to Blue Island is pretty clear.  There is an old Nantucket saying, Fog Happens.  Well, it happens in Nova Scotia, too!  The fog always adds a touch of  mystery to the atmosphere.

Waiting for Low Tide and the Sandy Beach

Last night while walking the dogs we started to find the blueberries.  The property generally bursts with wild blueberry plants.  Last summer there was a severe drought and I do not remember picking one berry.  Some of my local friends are already suggesting that I give them a jar of wild blueberry jam, if I’m inclined to make it.  It will take a few more sunny days until the berries are ready for harvest, but I hope to be able to pick berries, clean them, and make jam.  It is so easy and fun to make jam.  Plus it makes the cottage smell  good .

From this position in front of the window I can see the tide coming in and the wind blowing from the Southeast.  Last night the sky was clear.  The stars were out shined by a very vivid, bright half moon.  We often watch the moon through the sun room windows.  Next week it will be full and very special if there are no clouds to obscure the view. 

Moon Rise 2012

Today is a good day to hang out.  After Yoga, I plan to tidy up the place and maybe Peter will make a small fire in the wood stove?  I keep thinking there is something I should be doing, but in fact, there is nothing in particular on my agenda.  It takes awhile to shake off having a routine.  By the time I am used to no routine, we will be headed back to Hobe Sound and the routine!

I did finish the Glass Castle.  Reading that book reminded me of a friend who I used to share books with.  Gerri Kraft was a RN and lived in Niskayuna, NY back in the 1980’s when we lived there, too.  Peter worked with Terry, Gerri’s husband at GE R&D.  Gerri was a good and true friend.  Fun and full of life.  If I found a good book I would pass it onto her.  She would read it and always returned it to me.  But,  before returning it, she would write her thoughts about the story inside the the book.  It was such a thoughtful thing to do and it deepened our connection.   We both had our children around the same time as each other, which was another strong connection.  

Gerri was a nurse at the local hospital and an amazing horse woman.  She could ride any horse in the area and was often called on to exercise a variety of horses at the local barn.  I envied her this great ability and affinity with horses.  Gerri loved to travel. She loved Terry and her beautiful daughters, Rachael, Anna and Mary.  Terry and Gerri traveled a lot before they had children.  After we moved to Ft. Worth, TX, they came to visit us with their girls, for a long weekend.  We had so much fun.  During their visit I learned that Gerri had been diagnosed with skin cancer.  She survived the disease for about 8 years and then died from the illness.   I still think of her and I still miss her.  It’s funny how some people touch your life so deeply that you can never forget how special they are to you.  No matter the time or the distance.  

While I have been writing this the fog has come and gone.  Now I can see the water and the sun is out.  The Lockport rocky coast is still obscured, but slowly it’s coming into view. Sea gulls are soaring over the property and it’s warm enough to open the front door and the windows.  What’s that old saying, “If you do not like the weather, just wait a minute and it is certain to change!”


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