Pirates and Loyalists

If you want to know more about Shelburne, NS, here is a link: 
The following are photographs of a few Pirates/Locals that we met on Dock Street:

Plus a couple of Loyalist Soldiers to keep the Pirates and Wenches in line.  Tonight there will be an epic battle in the Harbour.  The Loyalist Soldiers will blow up the Pirate ship at dusk.  There will be music and street dancing!

The Historic Cox Warehouse

You have go to admit that the locals play their parts very well . . . just like any typical day in Shelburne. If you think Founder’s Days Celebration is interesting just wait a few weeks until the EX rolls into town.  That is The Exhibition with Oxen Pulls and all types of animals and events.  Every town has an EX and there will also be a Queen crowned and a street parade.  There is something for everyone to enjoy. 


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