Saturday Farmer’s Market


Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Shelburne Farmer’s Market is held each Saturday from 8 a.m til 1 pm.  I decided to skip Yoga this morning in favor of heading into town for the market. 

Jumped in the car and headed up the drive to Town.  Parked on Water Street and walked down John St. toward Dock St.  Noticed a new bakery on the corner of John & Water streets.  Flying Fox Bakery and Cafe.  Opens at 12 noon.  Wifi and coffee plus homemade fudge and bakery items.  Shortly past the bakery I noticed this lovely old house:

John St., Shelburne, NS

 Down on Dock Street the wind was blowing and this Whirly Gig was flying.! 

I walked past the  Joseph McGill Shipbuilding and Transportation Co., Building and then over to the market. It was hopping!  First stop was the local farmer for his fresh grown Swiss Chard, then I wandered through all the vendors.  Met Kathleen K. Tudor (Rebecca Tudor’s mom.  Rebecca is a well know tile artist). A former English Professor, Kathleen is a writer and so I bought one of her books:  Deep Roots.  She said she was “Nova Scotia through and through”.  Also picked up her CD of short stories, “If it’s Not One Thing, It’s Another”.  I hope the CD is like those old albums from Maine where they tell great old stories in a thick Maine accent.  Kathleen narrated the CD, so we will see. 

Then on to the local Beer seller, the Boxing Rock Brewery.  The Boxing Rock girl explained about buying a Growler.  It’s a rather large resealable bottle.  You pay $11 and get your Growler filled with Boxing Rock beer.  There after you bring in your empty Growler and pay $6 for a fill up.  Seemed like a deal to me so I bought one bottle.  Have to say it was a big hit with Peter.  The best beer he has ever had and we do like Keith’s Pale Ale, the  Nova Scotia Brewery, a lot. Also visited the LeHave Winery and bought a local bottle of white wine. 

By the time I was ready to head home a Banjo Player was starting up.  Folks were gathering under a couple of giant Maple trees and getting ready for the show.  I could hear the music as I walked back up John Street.  

The Flying Fox was now  open so I popped in and met Jonathan who had decided to move to Shelburne from the Yukon.  He said from the second floor window you can see the Harbour and it’s the best place to watch the fireworks.  The Flying Fox had opened at Christmas time last year in a charming old house with local art and lots of little rooms to sit and enjoy coffee and a cupcake, while looking out at lush garden views..  I asked what was the best selling cupcake and ended up with two Peanut Butter Chocolate cupcakes to go. 


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  1. Well, maybe not something happening all the time like in Key West. However, in the summer there is a lot to do and see. You just have to seek out what best suits your interest. There is a Yacht club and a The Osprey Arts Center. There are some good restaurants and there are neighboring towns featuring French Arcadian culture. For us, it's the property itself with it's ever changing views of the water and animals that wander through.


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