The Cottage


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We just returned from kayaking on a smooth as glass, Jordan Bay.  All the windows are open and the breeze is blowing through the cottage. Now the Bay water is ruffled and all the curtains are fluttering.  I’m out here in the sun room with my feet up.  Every window is open.  Sun is streaming in the south windows.  I can hear birds calling and the surf crashing against the rocky shore.  


The Sun Room

Grandview Cottage

The cottage is not much to speak of.  When we came here looking for a waterfront property, our focus was on the property.   We knew that in order to buy a property so far from home that it had to be inspirational.  Having this cottage on this particular property was a bonus. If there was no cottage, it would be difficult to enjoy the property, so we are thankful it came with the land. 

Living Room

We were told that this building was moved to the site many years ago.  It’s first life was a retail store.  It’s an odd little place with only one door, two bedrooms and one bath.  It does have lots of windows

Living Room

Looking at the cottage interior on the internet when we were still in Texas, it appeared to be a jumble of rooms with odd pieces of furniture.  There was no clear definition of the space so we did not know what to expect.  Plus, there was wallpaper EVERYWHERE, including  the toilet.  Our first order of business was to remove as much wallpaper as possible and to paint the interior white.  

Twin Bedroom

Prior to our arrival, November 1999, we had contacted Walter at Shelburne Furniture and ordered a Queen bed, double futon and a twin bed.  We also ordered a new wood burning stove.  When we arrived that Thanksgiving week that’s all we had.  I had sent up some boxes of supplies (bedding, pots and pans, etc) so we also had cardboard boxes to use as tables.  Our rental mini van had a removable bench seat that we brought inside to expand our seating area.  That trip we worked on stripping wallpaper and investigating the property.  

Master Bedroom
Wood Burning Stove and Found partial Weathervane

We found the ruins of an old building up on a hill in the woods behind the current cottage.  At one time the cliff was used for garbage disposal.  Peter discovered an ancient metal strainer and pottery on a ledge, just over the cliff edge. Various other odd items turned up like the bench we use as a coffee table in the sun room.  They don’t make benches like this in China!

I remember that Lobster season opened while we were in town and Joyce had us all over for a bountiful lobster feast.  Who needs turkey when you can have fresh caught lobster for Thanksgiving dinner?

We returned the following summer and I started in earnest looking for furniture.  I did it the Shelburne way of being referred to places to find good used stuff.  On a drive in the country with Dan and Lisa we stopped at a Barn Sale.  Asked if there was any furniture available and low and behold was invited up into the attic of an ancient house to retrieve a nice old oak dresser.  It’s sitting to my right, here in the sun room.  We use it to store some of our DVD and video collection.  We have never had a cable connection so we have yet to watch Canadian TV.  For some reason the cable stops before our property and then picks up again well after our property.  Now that we have wireless internet we can stream videos and that works just fine. Failing internet,  we have lots of  DVD’s and videos for backup entertainment

Barn Sale

At another sale on another day we found our living room furniture.  It was old and the fabric was worn, but we eventually had it all recovered.  It’s perfect for the cottage because it’s small scale and rather Cottagey.   Other pieces were picked up here and there, a couple of old trunks, a coffee table, chairs and a table.  We broke down and ordered a larger table for the kitchen from Sears Catalogue in order that we can all fit around comfortably.  The table is roomy,  even if the room itself is a little tight..  

The bath is inconveniently located directly off the dining area, but the window in there contributes to the cross breeze.  Every year we make plans on how to renovate the place.  We have gotten as far as a new roof (2011) new well (2013) new windows, screen door and siding (2000).  We are just not here long enough to do anything really major.  It would be wonderful to blow out the ceiling and open the living room up.  As it is Peter can reach the fire alarm just by extending his had up to the ceiling.  When he’s here, Dan just about brushes the ceiling with the top of his head!  

Of all the things we could do or should do or want to do, my top item is a screened porch off the front of the cottage. I realize that a screened porch is not really practical.  But just think how wonderful it would be!  Also,  part of me wants a bigger kitchen and part of me just loves the little kitchen just they way it is.  OK, so you can stretch your arms out (not completely, but kinda of)  and touch the refrigerator and the stove with each hand.  The cottage kitchen is the definition of a one person kitchen, with squeaky old painted cabinets and mint green Formica counter top. Yes, it only has two drawers, but there is a efficient small oven, cold as ice fridge and freezer and a dishwasher, too!  I’ll admit that I love it in spite of the curling vinyl floor and limited counter space.  We have cooked up some memorable meals in this little kitchen.  Plus, tons of jam and lots of fruit deserts.  Just writing about my little kitchen makes we want to go make a Blueberry Pie! 


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  1. You are very kind to suggest that there was talent involved in finding the cottage furniture. I feel lucky to have stumbled on the set and better yet, that the family was able to deliver it to the cottage for us!


  2. You are very kind to suggest that there was talent involved in finding the cottage furniture. I feel lucky to have stumbled on the set and better yet, that the family was able to deliver it to the cottage for us!


  3. It looks great, Nancy! And I like your style of just enough furniture in a cottage. Good choices-all around! You never seem to run out of great ideas!
    The outside is very nice also. Debbie


  4. Thanks, Debbie. That is high praise coming from you! I know you keep up with all the latest ideas. Out here we try to make the most of whatever we have or find. It's fun, as I know you know. Unfortunately, the thrifting is not what we are used to in HS, but I still try . . . 🙂


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