Wild Things!


July 31, 2013

Last night we looked out the window and this is what we saw.  We have had deer visit in the past, but usually not so close to the cottage.  She hung out grazing for a long time.  When the wild blueberries vanish overnight, I now know who got them.  It was not birds or a raccoon, after all!

We have had many Wild Visitors over the years but unfortunately, not many photographs.  Wild animals are elusive.  You may spot one and before you lay hands on a camera, the animal has vanished into thin air.  

One morning I woke early and sat at the window.  Something small and grey ran across the lawn.  It was a grey fox! Another afternoon we returned home from town and saw this fellow waddling across the yard:

On clear nights we like to walk the property after dinner, before dark.  One evening we noticed something very large in the Bay.  It was shaped like a “V” in the water.  Had a Whale gotten lost and ended up in Jordan Bay?  We kept watching, hoping it would breach the water surface or maybe blow a waterspout.  No luck.  We never did discover what it was.  A Nova Scotia Lock Nest Monster, perhaps?

Our first trip to visit the property was November 1999.  That very first night I  remember looking out the bathroom window after dark and seeing an Owl outside sitting on the ground.  Somehow, seeing  him was a sign of good luck for our cottage.   On that first trip, Dan and Lisa spent most of their time down on the rocks exploring.  They were amazed to find masses of starfish in the water.  We have yet to come back in November so I do not know if the starfish appear every winter or were there just to welcome us that first visit.  

Queen Rock, Kayak view

On Kayak trips we have seen fish and lobster in the water.  It’s illegal to take a lobster, so we just buy ours at Mr. Fish.  However, it’s fun to see them from the kayak.  Out on the kayak we do occasionally see seals.  One time, Peter and Dan ran into a pack of seals near The Sisters, two prominent rocks Northeast of Blue Island.  They wanted to get close to get a good look but they did not want the seals to charge the kayaks.  That was a exciting water excursion!

Seal Scull with bullet hole found on the rocks

Oh, and let’s not forget that occasional snake.  Fortunately, there are no poisonous snakes in Nova Scotia, so you can really enjoy a snake when you see one. . . .

And of course, there are the birds.  We see ducks, loons, gulls and ravens on a daily basis.  There are Robins, Cedar Waxwings and Finches.  Humming Birds are a favorite.  Last night we sat out on the concrete deck and watched a Osprey take a very high nose dive to catch a fish.  It was perfectly choreographed,  but, alas, I did not have a camera.  The North American Bald Eagle makes an appearance every summer.  Although not an uncommon event, it’s still amazing to see an Eagle, large and majestic soaring above. 


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  1. I love your descriptions of the wildlife. I am very fortunate to have quite a bit right here in Hobe Sound. No bears or foxes, but rabbits, snakes, both poisonous and nonpoisonous, wild turkeys for Thanksgiving, as well as an occasional Eagle. Plenty of owls, hawks, ibis, heron and an occasional crane have been spotted on Sharon Street over the years.


  2. Your Hobe Sound location is perfect for wildlife. Ours is a bit more urban, although I do see Eagles and of course, we have snakes. You are very fortunate to own a property with such diversity! You should keep a camera handy and see if you can catch your Wild Things on film!


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