Busy Day


 Thursday, August 1, 2013

Today started much like any other day.  We watched the fog roll in and out during coffee.  As we planned the day we saw a dingy speeding down the middle of Jordan Bay.  Then we watched a pod of little black Harbor Dolphin swimming near Maddy’s Cove & Queen Rock. 

Fog Out

Fog Coming In

Fog In (almost, it can get right up to the cottage windows)

First, it was Yoga with Peter.  Then we got ready for yard work.  Peter is working on re-claiming the meadow.  I revved up the lawn mower to mow the areas closet to the cottage.  No need for the Nordic Track when you can push, pull and shove a lawn mower over hill and dale.  After I do not know how long, the pathetic little mower coughed a few times and died.  I pulled it back to the walk, added gas, primed and pulled and was back in business.  I would hate to have been the one to murder the mower, so I was relieved when it jumped back into action.  Finally, the Boss Man walked over and made the kill it sign and that was the end of lawn work for the day.  YEA!  Time to get cleaned up and go out to lunch!   

We have many favorite places to eat in Shelburne.  There is Charlotte Lane, on Charlotte Lane in town, for an elegant lunch or amazing dinner.  The Bean Dock on Dock Street for a sandwich and an ice tea or coffee.  There is Lothar’s, a really fantastic German place on Water Street.  In year’s past Lothar’s had been CLAUDIA’sClaudia’s was an institution in Shelburne.  Whenever there was a movie being filmed (They filmed The Scarlet Letter and Virginia’s Run in Shelburne, among other films) the movie crews just about lived at Claudia’s. So did a lot of the locals, for that matter.  The business was a winning combination of delicious fresh food and luscious homemade pie.  They also had  wicked good lobster and fish chowder.  It was a very sad day when Claudia retired and closed the door.  

Charlotte Lane Fine Dining and Gift Shop

A few years later Lothar stepped in and redid the interior and opened up serving excellent German fare.  Sadly, for the past two summers Lothar’s  has been closed.  Rudy says he’s on vacation, traveling!  We keep hoping he will return to make great German food, again one day.  If you are reading this, Lothar, next summer would be a very nice time to reopen for your loyal followers, or how about next week, for that matter?  There are other original restaurants in town:  Sophia’s at the mall, home of the Mile High Pie or Scotia Lunch on King Street.  If you feel like driving there is Thompson’s out on the highway.  

For an  all round, best bet in Canada on any day of the week, there is Tim Horton’s.  Tim Horton’s is  Canada’s better than fast food restaurant.  A Canadian chain restaurant, they are first and foremost a Donut place, but they also make great soups and fresh sandwiches on fresh baked wheat or white rolls.  The make a decent cup of coffee, too.  You just cannot go wrong at any Tim Horton’s at any time of the day or night.  It is our tradition to have one Canadian Maple Donut every summer.  Today was that day!  It’s like they make a special little treat, just for you. 

Tim Horton’s Coffee and Canadian Maple Donut


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