Direction North


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Aside from Jordan Bay and the animals that visit the property, there are many interesting things to discover around the cottage.   One summer we found an empty bird’s nest.  

A variety of wild flowers and unusual plants pepper the landscape.   Today I noticed this delicate red fungus growing on an old tree stump.  We have lost a lot of trees over the years due to disease.  When they die they must be cut down or they topple over.  When they topple, the roots are exposed and you can always count on finding wild raspberries growing in the root base. 

Shells and sea glass often appear on the sandy beach at low tide.  The sea gulls catch crabs and drop them on Queen Rock for a meal. The large rocks are littered with bits of  crab, baked red by the sun.

When I walk the beach in Hobe Sound, I only find broken sand dollars on the sand.  It’s hard to imagine finding a whole, unbroken sand dollar on this rocky coast.  Amazingly, here is one we found last summer. 

While mowing this afternoon I discovered bunches of blackberries! They will ripen after we are gone and so the deer and birds will enjoy them in our absence. 

When you visit us, be sure to look for this rock in the lawn.  Peter freshens the red paint every year.  It’s our Direction North

Or, if you prefer, walk down the lawn to the Bay and search for rocks that do not need  paint to be beautiful.  No doubt, you will find many at the water’s edge. 


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