Good Dog, Bad Dog

Chewie aka Chewchie!

August 4, 2013

It is possible that Chewie, Cooper and Nutter Butter love Grandview better than any of us.  For the dogs its endless freedom.  There are voles to find, grasshoppers to chase and lots of grass and dirt to roll in.  Several times a day we walk along the property with them watching their antics.  It’s fun to explore with them down by the well, up on the patio, and over near the rock wall.   We watch them race down the hill and back up toward the cottage.  Some days when the wind is just right you can hear a neighbor’s dog bark.  Of course, our three love to carry on barking wind conversations with the neighbor dog.


All three of our dogs have a little training.  They come when called and sit on command.  They definitely know the word:  COOKIE.  We are very proud of their good manners, except when they are here on the property.  What we find is Cooper and Nutty Bee come when called and generally behave as expected.  Chewie, on the other hand, can often be a Bad Dog.  Sweet, shy Chewie does not mean to be a Bad Dog, it’s just that he gets carried away sniffing all the good things about the property.  It’s as though he has selective hearing.  Even the word cookie does not get his attention.  

Nutter Butter

For example, we call them to come inside the cottage.  Cooper and Nutty come running.   Chewie lags behind.  We look out the screen door and there’s Chewie, sniffing something under a tree or maybe sitting in the grass  One of us will have to walk out to get him and when we do he reliably lays down and rolls over to show off his pink tummy.  Chewchie!  You are a Bad Dog! 

Bad Dog, Chewie!

This has been going on since we arrived and, quite frankly, it has gotten old, fast.  Then, last night, quite by accident, I solved the problem.  Last night we all went out and Chewie brought one of his favorite squeaky toys with him.  He dropped it in the grass and I picked it up.  I could see that he was excited by the fact that I had his toy.  When it was time to go inside, I stood in the doorway and called COME!.  Cooper and Nutty raced inside.  Chewie just ignored my call.  Then, I squeaked Chewie’s  toy.  Suddenly, Chew looked up and raced to the door!  He literally flew inside the cottage! Good Dog Chewie!  I gave him a treat to reinforce his good behavior.  We tried calling him this way several more times and the squeaky toy technique seems to be the answer to the Bad Dog problem.  At last, we have three Good Dogs and zero Bad Dogs.  What a relief!

Good Dog, Chewie!


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