Fresh Air


Sunrise, August 6, 2013

I woke early enough this a.m. to catch this serene sunrise over the Bay.  There was a cool morning breeze blowing through the open windows.  This is as close to a fresh fall day that I can remember.  I wish we were staying here through October.  Alas, we are on our last week at Grandview.   

Still Rising at 10 a.m.

Afternoon Clouds

Today the EX begins with a full line up activities stretching though to Sunday.  We are planning to go and check it out sometime, this week.  

For the past several days, we have been obsessed with the property.  It will take a full week for me to completely mow it all.  I am the mower.  Peter does everything else.  His main focus has been to reclaim the Old Meadow.  We would one day like to plant wine grapes in the meadow.  First we need to get it back into Meadow form.  All it took was a few years without any mowing and viola! it’s almost a forest.  Peter enjoys the vigorous workout clearing the bush.   In spite of the endless amount of lawn to mow, I like the satisfaction of seeing progress!  Plus, I don’t have to use the Nordic Track on lawn days 🙂

Bird Box

Yesterday was so beautiful and breezy that I took lots of photographs.  Every night before we go to bed we take the dogs out and spend a little time Star Gazing.  Our location has no light pollution and this week there has not been a moon.  As a result, the night sky has been incomparable.  The Milky Way is clearly visible.   Major constellations, such as the Big  and Little Dippers hang large and bright in the night sky.  I keep thinking we should just lay out on the lawn and star gaze.  Maybe one night we will do just that.  I wish my IPhone Camera could capture the starry night sky so that I could post a photograph here.  Sadly, it cannot and even my little Nikon camera cannot manage that task.  You will have to just imagine the dark, dark sky sprinkled with millions of bright shiny stars. . .


Clouds over the Bay

Jordan Bay at The Meadow



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  1. Hi Nancy, Love the pics and the thought of a simple, uncomplicated life. Do u remember my Mom mowing the lawn on Silverwhite with a push mower? That may have been before we knew each other. Having to go back to reality and the problems that await is a bummer. So enjoy this last week to the fullest. Hi to Peter:)


  2. Are you able to see the Northern Light this time of the year? Without any 'ground' light to interfere they would be really special wee sssw thm almost every day in Iceland in the winter. In the winter there is virtually no daylight so we didn't have to stay up late. the obvious trade-off is very long days and short nightwhy don't you get a John Deere, you could mow and then till wheere Peter wants to ut his grapes. You'd have to build a garage or some othe secure storage for it, sad to say but in these days no place is theft free, and those ttactors get pretty expensive.Beau is harrassing me to play catch with one of his braided knots, and I have enough trouble typingwithout his help. If I don't throw it fast enough he either lays it on the keyboard or just closes the keyboard so I can't reach the keys. I wish I could remember why I wanted another big dog. Etta was about 20 pound heavier than Beau andwhen he showed up at the kitchenI couldn't take him to the shelter. It really isn't fair to compare him to Etta. She was an addult when she died and had settled down. This boob is still a puppy.
    So enjoy your last days up there of peace and quiet before you return to the daily grind of home.


  3. Yes, I do. I think our Mom's were ahead of their time, fitness-wise and environment-wise . They were both always in great shape because they did so much hands on work at home. My mom did reuse things a lot and she could make something out of nothing. I imagine Dot is just the same. WWII did shape the Greatest Generation . . . We are going to make the most of our last days here. I will keep posting and then fade away when I get home to “real life”.


  4. I keep hoping we will see the Northern Lights, but I think they may appear later in the year. By wanting to play catch, Beau is keeping you on your toes. Exercise for you and for him, too. Give him a cookie from me, please, as he is a very good dog! A garage would be very helpful here as we could also store the Sailboat as well as lawn equipment. We do have a nice young man that mows for us, but I got the great idea to do it myself during vacation, for exercise! Aaron will come out and mow three more times this summer after we are long gone.


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