Shag Harbour


After reading this week’s edition of The Coast Guard, it occurred to me that I could not neglect to mention Shag Harbour.  This is especially true in light of the event that occurred last summer while we were at the cottage.  It was well after dark and we heard a very loud BOOM.  I asked Peter what it was and he said thunder.  His answer satisfied me and I did not give the sound a second thought until I realized it was not raining outside the cottage at that time.  Turns out it was a massive meteor, or was it???  Could it have been another incident, like Shag Harbour?

Read the stories below and you decide . . .  Oh, and if this gives you yet another good reason to visit Shelburne one day, well, I understand completely.  

Updated: Meteor likely cause of mysterious booms

Big boom

Big Boom

Greg Bennett 
Published on August 13, 2012
Greg Bennett

It’s looking more and more like a meteor was the cause of a loud mysterious boom heard Sunday night by people across western Nova Scotia.

Several witnesses are describing an object with a fiery green tail that flew across the skyline. David Landry was in Dartmouth when he watched the bright object hurtle across the sky over the Halifax bridges and towards the west shortly after 11 p.m.

He said the object was “much bigger and closer” than any meteorite he had ever seen before.
Moments later people in western Nova Scotia reported hearing the booms and seeing flashes of light.
Shortly after 11 p.m. people from Liverpool to Yarmouth County and beyond reported seeing flashes of light and hearing booms. Some reported hearing two booms, a large boom followed by a smaller boom. 

Unlike a lightning bolt, this flashing bluish light was reported to last for more than 30 seconds and the “thunder” was heard and felt for more than 100 miles.
Barry Clark, a professor of Earth Sciences at Dalhousie University, says the event was likely caused by a meteor entering the atmosphere.

Clark said it was interesting that the boom happened during the peak of the annual Perseid meteor shower, an event that was hidden by heavy clouds and rain over Nova Scotia.

From & the Coast Guard

By Kathy Johnson
Published on August 6, 2013

The story of the 1967 Shag Harbour UFO incident is continuing to unfold almost half a century after the unexplained splashdown happened in the waters of Cockawit Pass.

This weekend during the annual Shag Harbour Incident Festival, new eyewitness accounts will be told and the prelude to another book on the Shag Harbour Incident will be unveiled.

The festival begins Saturday, Aug. 10 with a full day of activities on tap at the Shag Harbour UFO Interpretive Centre, starting with an eat in or take out breakfast from 7 to 9 a.m.  The grill will getting fired up at 10 a.m. for a barbecue, while Maria Adams will be offering face painting for children. An alien fashion show and a kitchen party are also on tap as part of the day’s activities.

Site of the UFO incident, Shag Harbour

Esteemed UFO researchers and authors Graham Sims and Chris Styles will be at the centre throughout the day, talking about their research and the new book on the Shag Harbour incident that is being released this fall, Impact to Contact. 

Styles and Sims will also be at the centre again on Sunday at 1 p.m. to present UFO Talks. The centre will also host a barbecue on Sunday.

New witness accounts of the incident will also be told during the festival at the centre. “It should be exciting,” said Cindy Nickerson, president of the Shag Harbour Incident Society.  
Alien treats are also being cooked up at the centre as well as Captain Wayne’s Restaurant in Woods Harbour in celebration of the festival.

Anyone wanting more information of the festival or to register for an event can contact the centre at 902-723-0244.

Maria Adams, guide at the Shag Harbour UFO Interpretive Centre, poses with the centre’s mascot, Alvin, who is sporting a hologram alien scarf, knit by a fan from Florida. The centre is hosting the annual Incident Festival this weekend. 



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