Damsel Fly

Outside, Damsel Fly

In the absence of  Florida lizards to chase, a Damsel Fly is a suitable substitute for Cooper.  He found great joy in catching a hapless creature this afternoon.  Of course, I was unable to rescue the fly and so decided it was time to take all three dogs out for a walk to inspect Peter’s handiwork in the Meadow.  

Rock Wall separating Meadow  (left) from Lawn (right)

Looking up at The Lawn

As you might imagine this is a fun lawn to mow.  In truth, it’s been more fun for me than the Nordic Track.   I sleep exceptionally well at night after mowing the lawn.  

Reclaimed Meadow

View from The Meadow of the Lawn and Cottage
Meadow view up to the Cottage

Also, I do not mow at home in Florida, so working here is a change of pace.  But honestly, I cannot imagine mowing this lawn with a 20 inch gas mower, all summer long!  

It’s interesting that mowing is such a satisfying activity. You can see your progress immediately.  On the down side, you can also see areas recently mowed, growing, again.  😦  The hidden bonus, aside from exercise, is when you roll over a small evergreen tree, you get a burst of Christmas fragrance.  There are young blueberry and bayberry plants in the lawn and when mowed they let off a completely different, yet incomparable berry smell. And then, of course, there is the summer sweet smell of freshly mowed grass.  .  .

Rock Wall

A Hollow in the Woods at the edge of the Meadow


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