Bay Fog


We are starting to notice a slight hint of fall.  The mornings are very cool and there is an ever so slight change in the leaves from full and deep bright green, to a tinge of yellow. 

Low Fog over Jordan Bay

This a.m. we woke to a ribbon of fog hanging as if by a thread, low and bright over the Lockeport coastline.

Ever changing Fog on Jordan Bay

Peter thought he saw a whale this morning.  Or could it have been a seal?  The seals are now visiting on a regular basis. Local fishermen do not like the seals because they eat fish.  To us, the presence of seals does suggest fish in Jordan Bay.  At one point in time, Jordan Bay was a mecca for fishing.  It only took a decade or so to wipe out the fishery.  Now, the bay is  peaceful and calm with the occasional moss dory, mackerel boat, canoe or kayak.  

Looking Southeast to Lockeport at Bay Fog

Grand View of Jordan Bay


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