Bragging Rights

First Signs of Fall

I now claim bragging rights to having mowed the entire lawn.  It only took me five days, including one day of near heat exhaustion.  Maybe not such a great feat to some, but the view has transformed from scrabbled grass and weeds, to  manicured lawn.  Admittedly, the perfection will last only a few days, but I plan on enjoying  the pleasure of the accomplishment at least through Tuesday.  Our departure is scheduled very early Wednesday morning. 

Today is a day off.  No Yoga, no mowing, no Nordic Track, no brush clearing.  Just a day off to go and visit the  Shelburne Exhibition, affectionately known locally, as THE EX.   After the EX, we plan to visit Charlotte’s Lane for a well deserved lunch treat. 

Leaf stems turned red

And, to my friends that live in the North, no I am not trying to wish away this beautiful summer with thoughts of fall.  It’s just that when you live in Florida, you tend to search for signs of the seasons.  I most miss the Fall.  It is fun to recognize the small hints of the next season while here in Canada.  Please do not hate me for this small pleasure. 

Evening Fog Rolling In, August 8, 2013

Fogged In, August 8, 2013

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