The EX


After hanging out reading the paper online this morning we cleaned up and headed into town to The EX.  I will admit that compared to evenings at The EX, the daytime experience is rather reserved.  The large crowds arrive at night as that is when the action happens.  Once the sun sets around here we hardly ever go out at night so today’s events were fine for Peter and me.  There was lots to do and see. 

The Team Arrives!

We purchased wrist bands and made a beeline to The Ox Barn.  Ox Hauling was well underway.  Today it was The Free for All, so anyone could work their team.  We immediately found our neighbors, Ralph and Brenda Miller in the stands watching the action.  Brenda said that they buy season passes in order to arrive at 10 a.m and hang out until closing time at 10 p.m.  The EX is a community event where The Millers see neighbors, family and friends while taking in all the different venues.   

Ready to Haul

In the evening, it’s all about music and contests.  There is the Little Miss EX Pageant,  The Burnout Competition, and a Demolition Derby.  If your like me and never heard of a Burnout Competition, the Burnout is an anchored and chained vehicle burning rubber for one minute.  Whoever creates the most smoke, wins! This year there is an all new Seasoned Ladies Pageant, which is certain to draw a crowd.  And, as always, there is a large street parade to jump start The EX. 

Each Box on the Sled Weights 200 Lbs. This Team Won The Free for All!

Before farm equipment, Oxen were used daily for all heavy tasks on the land.  In Shelburne, the tradition of Ox Hauling continues today with children’s, women’s and men’s Ox Haul events.  The animals are beautifully presented with shiny coats and red yolks.  Each wears elaborate headgear, and a large bell on a collar around his neck.  Some of the teams just stroll right into the barn following their Master.  Then they are hooked up to a sled and weight is added.  A man with a long stick measures the distance of each weighted haul. After a successful haul, more weight is added to the sled until either the team refuses, or the Team Master decides to stop. Also, the team must stay inside of the lines taped like a runway down the barn.  

I posted a few videos of the hauling on my YouTube channel.  Please email me if you are interested in seeing a video of a live Haul.  The Team Master has a whip, but does not beat his animals.  Mostly it’s a tap or a wave over their heads.  The Oxen are amazing to watch and their power is astounding as most teams pull more than double their weight. 

Red Ribbon Rooster (red is first place in Canada)
Good Looking Guy!

After watching the Ox Haul competition, we took a stroll though the 4H Barn and then over to the Country Kitchen to see all the homemade and homegrown items on display.

Prized Pickles
Prized Woolen Socks

In addition to the animals, there was a botanical display, baked goods, jams, jellies, quilts and even recycled items on display.  Our visit to the EX  was the perfect way to spend the day.

Recycled Glass for The Garden
Indian Items


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