Into The Woods


The great feature at Grandview, is Jordan Bay.  Although I do not often mention it, The Woods is the other beautiful and constantly changing part of the landscape.  About three quarters of the property is woodlot.  The rest is the open lawn and rocky coast. 

The first thing you notice when arriving at our location off of Sandy Point Road, is the driveway. 



The driveway curves down and up and around and through the woods.  Finally, you arrive at the top of the hill and see the cottage and the water beyond. 

On our walk today we were surprised to find a tree down on the driveway.  Good thing we had no plans to go anywhere.  Peter got a saw and in a matter of minutes the drive was cleared and we gained more firewood for the woodpile.  

From the driveway there are several side trips to take.  Our first excursion into the woods was in search of the Hessian ruins.   The German soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary war for the British were given land in Nova Scotia, for their service.  This property was at one time, home to a Hessian soldier and family.  Up on a ridge, behind the cottage is the ruins of their homestead.

Ruin of Hessian Homestead

After checking the Hessian home, we went back up the driveway toward the road and soon heard one of the Babbling Brooks that cut through the property. 

One of Three Brooks in The Woods

Then, we headed toward the pathway that Mr. Miller uses to check on our property in winter.  Just before Miller’s Path, we explored the rusted out remains of an abandoned truck in the woods.  

Mossy Path to The Miller’s Place
Rusted Out Truck in The Woods

Fungus on a Birch tree

Finally, we threaded our way back down toward the meadow to follow the woods along the water and over to the Northern property boundary. 

The Bay View from The Woods

View Through the Brush

Over the years the woods has transformed as the Spruce trees die of disease.  In their place hardwoods such as Birch and Maple are growing.  There are also several very large and ancient Oaks on the property.  Like Jordan Bay, The Woods is constantly changing except for the fact that it surrounds the cottage on three sides and remains home to the deer and a variety of other wild animals. 


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