Tiger Lilly found in front yard

Sunset, August 12, 2013

Last night when we took the dogs out Peter noticed an orange glow to the north over the bay and forest.  It was not a fire as it extended a very wide area.  I can only describe what we witnessed as a  luminous stream of light wide in the Northern sky.  I do believe it was the Aurora Borealis, in spite of the fact that the Northern Lights are often green or blue.  

This morning we woke to an overcast sky.  That did not stop the mossing boats from visiting Jordan Bay. Now it is pouring rain.  The rain makes it a lot easier to focus on packing and preparing the cottage for departure.  Still, I would have preferred to get out today for one final adventure on the rocky shore.  We usually always take a walk to explore the coastline, climbing the large boulders and balancing on the smaller rocks.  We like to inspect the tide pools while searching for buoys, line, unusual rocks, shells and sea glass.  You never know what you will find washed up on the coastline.

Mossing Boats, this morning , August 13, 2013

As the morning progressed, the weather turned very wet.  We will schedule a rock walk adventure for 2014.  There’s lots I am already looking forward to next summer.  We never did get to Charlotte Lane this year.  The Miller’s said that next year we must watch the amazing draft horses pulling at The EX.  We will miss the annual Pirate Festival next weekend.  The list goes on . . . 


I feel like we just said hello to Grandview Cottage, and now it’s time to say goodbye.

Goodbye, Grandview Cottage,  see you next summer!


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