Down the Road


In the midst of packing and getting ready for travel we had a bit of excitement courtesy of Nutter Butter.    After dinner the night before departure, I cleaned out the fridge and pantry, put all of the groceries in the car and drove directly to the Millers.  I do this every year as it does not make sense to toss items when others can enjoy them.  As soon as the car was down the drive, Peter took the dogs out.

Although he may be small, Nutty Bee is very smart.  He knew something was up because I had been packing the car earlier in the day.  The minute he got outside and saw that the car was gone, he panicked and though that I was gone, too.  Apparently,  Nutty decided that he needed to go find me.  Peter turned his back and Nutter Butter took off.  He ran like a bat out of hell down the driveway!  Peter called and called, but no Nutty Bee.  He put the Papillions back in the cottage and set out in search of the little guy.  It’s difficult to say how far Nutty traveled at dusk down the drive and through the woods, but he was definitely out of site. Peter called and called when  suddenly a small brown fluffy animal with tongue out and tail down, appeared on the ridge of the drive.  Defeated, but  none the worse for the wear, Nutty was found before an Owl or other predator, picked him up for dinner!  Oh, Nutty, you are a very bad dog!!

The next morning we woke at 3:45 and took off for the Digby ferry.  Once we landed in St. John we traveled  toward Queensbury, NY.  Our route was beautiful taking us though Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Vermont, again.  As we approached Hanover, VT.   Nutty started barking and so we pulled over at a boat ramp to take a break.

This is what we found:

River at Boat Ramp

Walk to Boat Ramp

Adjacent to the ramp was a small town hall and this charming building! I had to investigate!
And so we walked over and met the force behind the Gardner Roberts Memorial Library, Peg, a retired school teacher.  Together with her husband and with a little financial help from the author, Stephen King, this building was moved from Howard’s Pond to it’s current location.  After moving it, they renovated, adding heat and insulation. The library functions on grants, and donations.  Every Wednesday Peg makes banana bread to sell for the benefit of the library fund.  Our time was short, but Peg recommended we take a detour up the hill to Howard’s Pond.  


And so, we did just that and this is what we found: 

The Pond is ringed with charming small cottages, boat docks and there is even a floating dock! Howard’s Pond is a rare find and maybe next summer we will stop for a picnic and further explore the area.

All too soon we were back on the road headed to White River Junction, VT for the pet friendly, Comfort InnIt had been a long day, but thanks to Nutty Bee we found more than we could have imagined down the road to Queensbury! 

And Peg, thanks for the delicious Banana Bread.  We did enjoy it! 


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