Finally, I can bring everyone up to date as we arrived back home in Hobe Sound, late Saturday night. 

We woke Sunday morning to no internet service and no coffee.  I could not do much about the internet as Comcast said it was a billing issue to be resolved Monday at 8 a.m.  But, I could do something about the lack of coffee.  I took off for Starbucks, and on my way, I was greeted by a beautiful rainbow!

Rainbow photo taken at Red Light

Vacation is definitely over now.  We are back in Hobe Sound,  and there lots to do, to clean, to unpack, and to fix before we are completely settled.   Still, it’s kinda nice that when you least expect it, one good rainbow can turn your day around and brighten any chore, no matter how big or how small!  

It’s good to be home! 


Still seeing the Rainbow at Starbucks!


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