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Happy Halloween!

Our Nanner Puss, aka, Nutty Bee as a Banana, wishes everyone a Happy Halloween! 
We wish you all Treats and no Tricks!



One of the joys of taking Cooper, Chewie and Nutty Bee for twice daily walks is what I see, feel and hear as I stroll through the neighborhood.  

What I see is not always all good, but if I look up I can count on beauty in the sky.  I feel the wind on my skin, birds singing in the trees.  In the distance I hear the sound of children laughing and playing; dogs bark a greeting as we pass by. I meet neighbors on the street, or wave to a passing car.   

Every time I walk out the door there is something beautiful
to see, feel and hear . . .

Nutty Bee gets a Hair Cut!


After we returned from Canada I realized that the Florida weather was very hot for my Nutter Butter, aka, Nutty Bee. After wrestling with myself for several days over the idea of having his coat trimmed, I called my friend and local Animal Everything Expert, Caroline and made an appointment to trim Nutty’s coat.

You must agree, his coat was a bit more than simply fluffy.  Caroline and I went to work. She with clippers and me holding Nutty. What we thought would be a quick trim went on for well over an hour. Half way through I felt faint and needed a break. At this point Caroline started apologizing for the delay and also for how the trim was turning out. Shall we say he did not look at all like we had intended? 

He went directly from Fluffy Nutty directly to Squirrel Nut

Yes, I think the Squirrely look had something to do with his tail, but by the end of the trim session neither Caroline nor I wanted to risk trying to trim his tail. Although Nutter Butter was none the worse for the wear, we were exhausted!
When I returned home with Nutty, all Peter could say was, “Oh My!” We had a good laugh. I think when I took Nutty out for a walk, the neighbors laughed, too!  Fortunately, like all good things, all bad things come to an end.  Nutty Bee is now getting his fluffy back!

Post Script:  Caroline is still my friend and Animal Everthing Expert!  She promised that should I have a memory lapse, and call on her next year to trim Nutty Bee, she plans to  just say, NO!

Caroline and Nutter Butter

Moon Rise

I have been fortunate to catch several beautiful moon rises in September and October.

In September, while visiting Nantucket, I took the above moon rise photographs.  I was also lucky to catch the following sunsets:

This is simply a beautiful blue sky day with clouds slowly rolling in from the East.

Nantucket Harbor with Fast Ferry heading out:

Main Street

My favorite Thrift! 

Atlantic Ocean view