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Circus City!

I arrived in Sarasota Sunday evening. Tuesday, I had the day all to myself. It was an easy decision to go Junking! I started at The Women’s Exchange. This is where I found tons of fantastic rugs.

Next stop was St Vincent de Paul where I found these three fab French farmhouse chairs.  Half price sale meant that I snagged all three for $40!

Next stop was a new to me, Thrift north of the city on Orange Ave. No luck, but still fun. That shop referred me to their sister store just further down Orange. There I found a very nice and functional cookie scoop for a dollar and an high end micro fine grater for $4. The grater was a bit pricey, but it’s like one I have that is even more expensive, if purchased brand new. I will keep this one in SRQ.
As I headed toward Tamimi trail and the Habitat store, I discovered yet another, new to me, Thrift that was somewhat hidden behind a used appliance store. There I picked up a few Christmas gifts, so I will not reveal what I found.  Let’s just say that I will return to this funny little shop, again!
At Habitat they created a stand alone boutique. Everything was half price and a few more gifts were found. I noticed a pottery set that was familiar. I once found this lidless sugar bowl which I filled with a small jade tree and gifted to a good friend. Love the shape of the bowl!

Next stop was the Salvage Yard Street. The first yard was closed for Thanksgiving, but the other two were OPEN!
Here is what I saw while drifting through the yards and adjacent shops:
This must be Florida because there are lots of pink Flamingos!

Anyone into Alchemy?

I adore marble lamps. At $89, this beauty was out of my price range. The last two that I purchased were $60 for both!

Loved this cabinet.

Anyone in need of a gargoyle?

I had to wonder where the Evaluation Center For Disturbed MEN was located . . .

And finially,  there is a good reason why Sarasota is often called Circus City.  Not only for the Ringling Brothers Circus, but also for all the great Circus finds that remain a part of its legacy.

Back at home Cooper, Chewie and Nutty Bee gave me a big welcome home. . .
Then, promptly the decided it was nap time!