The Working Life, Part 2


When summer was over, I returned to full time work at the pharmacy and part time school at the local community college. I did not know what I wanted to do so when Richard Yura told me a Pediatrician was looking for a full time receptionist, I applied.  

Dr. Vaman T. Chabal, M.D., FAACP, was a good doctor and a honest man. We had cultural differences. I found him stiff and uncompromising and not at all fun to work for. However, the silver lining of the job was working with his assistant, Joanne Tuluki,  who was the nicest most kind woman I had ever met.  She always had a smile and there was never a problem that could not be managed. As a young, unmarried woman without children of my own working for a busy pediatrics practice was challenging.   I spent eight hours or more a day in the company of screaming, dripping, drooling infants and their frantic moms.  I managed to hang on for a year or more, then, moved to Boston with Peter to attend the University of Massachusetts, Boston as a full time college student majoring in Art History.

U Mass Boston Student
While a student I managed to land a job at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in the temporary gift shop set up for The Visions of Vesuvius Exhibition.  That is another story about how from the gift shop, I ended up as an Intern in the American and European Paintings Department.  Upon graduation from UMB,  with Museum experience, I landed a full time position at Vesti Corporation which was owned by Wayne Andersen, Professor of Art History at M.I.T.  Wayne was one of the first art consultants in the 1980’s and Vesti was a corporation dedicated to art consultation.  Vesti was probably the most interesting organization I ever worked for.  Our clients included AT&T, IBM, Chemical Bank, Wells Fargo Bank and The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to name a few.  Again, another story all to itself!

Technical Services Coordinator, Vesti Corp.

Inspecting Pancho Villa’s Silver Saddle, Vesti Corp.

After Peter and I married and he graduated M.I.T. with a Ph.D. in Chemistry we moved to Schnectady/Niskayuna, NY for his first professional position.  With connections in the Boston Art scene, I commuted weekly via puddle jumper, to and from Boston to help with an inventory project for another art consultant, Lucy Aptekar of Aptekar Fine Arts. That lasted a couple of years and then I found myself searching for employment in Schnectady. If you can believe it, I landed a job as a Bank Teller.  I really am not cut out for the banking world, so after some time banking, I applied for and became an adjunct admissions officer interviewing prospective students at Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY. Another year went by and I found myself pregnant with Dan who arrived August 12, 1985.

A Saratoga Springs woman, who I met through friends at Skidmore, convinced me to help her with an Art Consulting Project for Key Bank and Key Corp.  Sue Edwards and I called ourselves, COLLABORATIONS FINE ART SERVICES. The Key Corp project took us to Maine, Oregon, Washington state and all around New York as well as New York City.  We did several smaller projects, too.  As the Key Bank project came to an end, Lisa came along on April 25, 1988.

The Happy Family, Coral Coral Springs, FL, c 1991
One year later, Peter took a position in Florida and we moved.  I became a stay at home Mom for several years before a series of events that led to a job in Medical Sales, Pompano, FL.   From the Medical Sales job, I became receptionist at the kid’s school, Pine Crest.  Just as I was promoted to the Admissions Department we moved to Ft. Worth, TX.  Again, I was a Mom. 
As Mom I morphed into Brownie Troop leader. My Troop had lots of fun on camping trips and a variety of adventures, including driving away from a Tornado.  
As a result of being the Brownie Leader, I joined forces with four other Mom’s to organize and run the large school fund raiser, the School Carnival.  We did this together for three years in a row and I think I still have the T shirts to prove it!

Fort Worth Country Day School Carnival Team

Brownie Troop Leader, with Texas Tilly

Peter now was offered a position in The Woodlands, TX where I again, became a Mom. The kids swam for the local swim team and by hanging out at the pool I soon joined The Woodlands Masters Swim Team. On the team together with three great swim friends we became the WMST Social Committee.  Sandy, Becky, Val and I planned and managed all social events for the team from the 100 Mile Swim to the annual Master Swim Meet and Pizza Party.  As you can see from the photo below, together, we were a great team and, most importantly,  we had fun!

The Woodlands Masters Swim Team, Social Committee

From The Woodlands we moved to Hobe Sound for Peter’s opportunity in Jupiter, FL . On the plane to Hobe Sound I told him I would like to take my Yoga practice further and maybe teach Yoga.  Shortly after settling in our home, I took a Yoga certification course and started teaching in 2006 at the Stuart, FL, YMCA.  Then onto the position in Hobe Sound.  

In spite of the fact I am no longer teaching Yoga, I continue to practice with The Hobe Sound Yogis. If your in Hobe Sound and practicing Yoga you are a Hobe Sound Yogi! Yoga and swimming are my favorite activities, along with walking Chewie, Cooper and Nutter Butter, twice a day. In case you are wondering, I do miss teaching, but, yes,  retirement is GREAT!


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