Grandview Cottage, Shelburne, NS, Canada
Since arriving last Sunday morning we have been enjoying super weather.  Most mornings we wake to sunny breezy weather blowing in from the Southeast.  With weather this nice its a shame to waste a moment.  Peter has been out working on his favorite project, “reclaiming” our long lost meadow.  This afternoon, after he had finished working on it for the day, a beautiful young deer visited the clearing.  It was difficult to get a photo without disrupting the deer.  I shot the following, through the window:

Young Visitor

While Peter was working on the meadow, I washed the car.  After that, I did Yoga.  With all the windows open and the cool breeze blowing in I rolled out my mat, turned on some music and enjoyed myself by practicing all my favorite Yoga poses.  The dogs hung out on the chairs and the ottoman.  They were very well behaved and occasionally, one of them would join in a Down Dog.  At the end, when I was laying on the floor in the final pose, Savasana, they all decided to go crazy and that was the end of Yoga, today.

Rock Wall and Meadow
After the trees came down . . . 


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