Rocky Coast


After opening the cottage and getting settled we spent one morning walking along the rocky coast.  We brought Cooper for the adventure and carefully carried him from the edge of the lawn down to the shore.  Of course, within minutes, Cooper was racing up and down the sand beach and up and down the rocks.  He likes the beach very much.  Even so, it was a surprise when he jumped into the bay for an impromptu swim!

Cooper on the Beach

Cooper on the Rocks

Later that day we returned to the shore to investigate the property boundary marker.  After some searching we found it, below:  
Here are a few more photo’s of the beautiful Nova Scotia rocky coastline: 
That is, Blue Island, in the distance, to the right side of the photo. The coastline opposite ours is Lockport, NS.

We call this area, Maddie’s Cove.  It’s named after our black Labrador retriever, Maddy. The large rock in the distance is Queen’s Rock. Beyond Queen’s Rock is Enslow Point.  


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