Puffy Clouds and Beautiful Fog


As I mentioned, we have had spectacular weather for the past week and a half.  I hate to admit that our luck ran out with bouts of fog and rain on and off yesterday and today.  

Slowly the Fog creeps in

Even with fog it can still be a beautiful day

Fog Happens . . . 
Not much happened during the foggy, wet weather.  That is, until this evening.  The sky had cleared and the rain had stopped.  We were out on the patio when Chewie got the scent of something in the grass. It had to be a mouse or a vole and he started to dig in the yard. 

Our Favorite Evening Hang Out Spot

Before we knew it, we lost sight of his head!  He dug furiously, until we pulled him away from whatever it was hiding underground.


Luckily, he did not catch anything, but we had to laugh when his head re-appeared covered in dirt!

Funny Dogs
Dirty Dog, Chewie

Nutter Butter and Cooper were content to sit back, and watch the action. I guess they were not interested in getting dirty like Chew.  


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