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Parting Shots


Sunrise 6 a.m. Wednesday 

The Nova Star 9 a.m. Wednesday

We had smooth sailing on a calm sea to Portland, ME. During our voyage we saw Sunfish, pods of Dolphin and the splash of a Whale tail. 

Dolphin Pod

The Nova Star’s Wake

It’s a bit of a shock to be back in the U.S. With the latest news about Isis and Ferguson, MO.

On the road to Glens Falls . . . 

Fall Leaves found in New York 

Fall Leaves found in North Carolina
Home in Hobe Sound


North Wind


We had a strong, cool North wind all day today. Tonight it’s crystal clear and all the stars are shining brightly. 

This afternoon, Peter and Brian worked outside while I ran to town for a few errands. I was amazed to find Canadian strawberries at the grocery in August! They looked fresh and smelled sweet. I bought one box for dessert tonight.

We are winding things up around here. I gave all three dogs baths today in preparation for our trip. They have been rolling in so much stuff that it will be otherwise impossible to share the car with them! I also got the car almost packed. Tomorrow we will put stuff away, clean the cottage and finish packing. Before we depart here are a few photographs of the sky and clouds taken tonight.

Camp Fire!

Cooper Stood Guard

For a last hooray, we had a campfire tonight.  It was a lovely overcast evening and perfect for the fire.  As the wind blew, the fire lit up!

We all hung out together . . . 

Bri tended the Fire

Peter Chopped Wood

Chewie Relaxed with Peter

Nutty Bee Napped with Me

Later, during dinner visitors arrived!

Doe and Fawn as seen through the Kitchen Window

The deer made their way across the lawn and down to the meadow to nibble the new grass.  

Running out of time . . .


Today we woke to morning clouds which quickly burned off into a beautiful blue sky day.  Time is running out. This Wednesday morning the Nova Star Ferry departs.   There is today then it’s all business as we prepare to return to Hobe Sound.  

Rudy stopped by this afternoon.  It was great fun to sit out and listen to his stories of Raccoon’s and wild Turkey’s, to name a few of the topics discussed.  After Rudy departed we continued to sit out and take in the view. 

I have been meaning to tell you about my trip to the local Jordan Branch post office.  It’s like nothing I have ever seen before.  While buying stamps I was distracted by the view through the window behind the postal counter.   I was compelled to ask the Postmaster if it would be possible to look out back.  He gladly obliged and also shared the story of his home. 

The house was built by his Great Grandfather.  At one point in time the family sold their home to a timber company.  A few years ago the property came on the market.  He bought it and together with his wife moved into his Grandparents homestead. 

Here is what I saw on the other side of the Postal Desk:

The Jordan River

The Postmaster told me that the Jordan River is very clean due to the quick tide flow. They swim in the river from rock to rock all the time!  Kayaks and Canoes go by daily. And of course, they fish the river, too. What an amazing spot for a Post Office!!

Afternoon Surf

When I returned home, Peter and I walked down to the Beach to watch the surf roll in and out.  It has been a very good vacation.  We wish we had another week to enjoy . . . 

Grandview Sunset, 2014

Back Into The Woods

Moss in The Woods

Brook in The Woods

Rock Wall in the Woods
Old Well in The Woods
Rock Wall with Ferns in The Woods
Mint in The Woods
Blackberries on the Fringe of The Woods
Blueberries near The Woods
Footbridge in The Woods

Apple Tree in the Woods
Rock Wall Near The Woods
Stream in The Woods
Wire Fence in The Woods
Meadow Clearing in the Woods

Driveway through The Woods

This and That


Thought I would catch you up on a few more details before we depart.  Yes, we do make pizza here at the cottage.  The Friday night tradition continues even in Nova Scotia.  

Of course, where there is Pizza there is beer.  We still enjoy a glass of the local brew, Boxing Rock in a cold, frosty mug:

However, I would be remiss if I did not mention the Nova Scotia other local favorite, Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale. On a hot day, or a cold day, with a slice or alone, this India Pale Ale is the very best.  

While on the subject of Pizza and Beer, here are a few photographs of some items found in the local grocery that I have not seen in the States:

Free Run vs Free Range, these are amazing eggs!

Oatmeal in Bags
Milk is also sold in bags.

Almond Milk in French
Very Large Cheese Block

Acadia Baking Powder



We missed the Hootenanny last night, but got to town this morning in time for the Saturday Market and a couple of garage sales.  Bri and I decided to return to the Focus Gallery to see the new exhibition.  It was a group show featuring one of my favorite local artists, Ernie Dexter.  I recognized his paintings immediately. They are distinctive.  I met Mr. Dexter several years ago at an event in town.  It was wonderful  to see his work and catch up with Lisa at the gallery.  

Lisa of Focus Gallery

Bri and I also played tourist and visited the Ross Thomson House and Store Museum.  A young women in period dress gave us a personal tour of the property.  Oops, I picked up a French copy of the informative brochure! Let’s just say the building dates to 1783 and is worth a visit.  Here are some photos that I took:

Birch Brooms, Barrels and Tobacco

Ross-Thomson House & Store Museum

Front Door with a keyhole large enough for
a mouse to slip through . . .

Basement walkout with hand wrought iron hardware

A Poor Man’s Window

We also walked down Charlotte lane and here are a few more photographs taken in Historic Downtown Shelburne.

Additional note on Ross-Thomson House & Store Museum:

“Travel back to the 1780’s Nova Scotia and the brand-new town of Shelburne. Here, thousands of Loyalist refugees looked for a new life after the American War of Independence.  

Seasoned merchants George and Robert Ross carried on an international trade in tea, coffee, rum, port and wine while their store offered both necessities and luxuries to the town’s residents.

Greet the clerk and step up to a store counter stocked with the kind of goods the Ross brothers once bartered and sold. Spend some time inside their living quarters, furnished in the sparse but elegant style of the period.

Above the shop, see the Militia Room.  You might even meet a 1780’s militia guard!” . . . Shelburne Historical Society 

Change in the Weather


There has been a change in the weather.  Last night the temp was about 60 degrees.  Today it’s closer to 70, but with 25 mph winds, it feels closer to 60, again! 

This morning I was on the front porch when the Eagle flew by. I had walked out to take the above photo and ended up with a few shots of the Eagle.  She was so high in the sky that it’s a challenge to adequately capture her beauty with my little camera. 

Possibly, the Eagle is heading out to hunt.  She comes from the North each morning. Yesterday, the gulls made a racket and swarmed the Eagle on her flyover.  Today, with high winds she flew unmolested by the gulls.  With her 6 foot wing span and talons, I’m surprised that the gulls do not fly in a different direction when she appears.  I guess there is safety in a marauding flock vs. one on one. 

The cool weather has been wonderful for sleeping in.  We all have been a bit lazy this a.m. Yesterday, after coffee we walked down to Maddies Cove and back with the dogs.  Here are a few photo’s from yesterday morning:

Cooler Weather bring Hints of Fall . . . 

When the Sun is out, fall seems days away . . . 

Canadian Butter


Last week, when they announced sanctions by the Russian government to prohibit the import of Canadian Butter, all I could think of was what a hardship for the Russian people!  How will they get along without delicious, Canadian Butter??  I don’t know why, but Canadian Dairy products are exceptional.  Put a little Canadian Butter into an Apple Pie made with fresh Canadian apples and you have one delicious pie!

I used the above recipe, but omitted the lemon juice and sifted 1 tablespoon of flour into the Cinnamon sugar mixture. 

New York Times Cookbook
I store shortening in the fridge so that it’s nice and cold when I want to make a pie crust.  Once made, divide the dough into two portions, one large (bottom crust) and one small (top crust). Wrap each portion in plastic. Refrigerate until ready to use.

Gently roll out the crust. . .

Apple Peals

Slice the apples and put into the bottom crust. Sprinkle with the Cinnamon, flour, sugar mixture.  Dot with butter . . .

Roll out the top crust and place on top of the apples.  Crimp edges, pierce the top with a fork. . .

Brush with Cream

Sprinkle with Cinnamon Sugar

Bake as directed . . . 

Serve and Enjoy

I confess, it’s not Ice Cream, it’s Canadian Frozen Vanilla Yogurt.  DELICIOUS!!