Saturday in Shelburne


The Shelburne Farmers Market is open 9 – 1 on Saturday.  I had a late start and got on the road at eleven. First stop was the Bottle Recycle Center on King St. It did not take but a minute to pull in, park and give all of our bottles to the Shelburne Animal Rescue group. Next stop was the first available parking spot on Dock Street. The view above is from my parking spot. It was only a short walk to the market from here. 

I walked up Dock Street toward the Dory Shop.

Three classic Nova Scotia Dories where in the yard on the other side of the shop. One dory was in the harbor.

Then onto the market.

Arriving late, the market seemed not as crowded as last Saturday. All the booths were open. Here are some of the highlights:

Check out this crazy, primitive, well done bird carving.

This one is by the same artist. It’s an Egret.

This is a handmade coffee table. I think it might be nice for our cottage . . . 

These are tremeware bowls. I took all these photos, but I ended up buying green beans from my favorite local farmer and a hand woven doormat from my favorite sign lady. She has expanded her business to these great, recycled door mats. They are made from line that would otherwise sit in the local landfill. Next week, I’ll ask if I may take their photos to share with you on the blog.


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