Things that go Bump in the Night


Moon Rise over Blue Island

Well, not exactly bump, but I definitely heard something freaky in the night.  Specifically, last night, I woke to what my asleep brain told me were sirens blaring. There must have been an accident on the road? In the morning I asked Peter if he heard the sirens and he said yes, but he thought it was a pack of Coyotes taking down some prey! OMG! 

However,  bad that sounds, I must admit I’m no stranger to The Wild Kingdom. When we moved to The Woodlands, TX, our home backed to a woods and a lake beyond the woods. Wild pigs were frequently chased by packs of Coyotes through the woods at night. We used to stand outside on the back patio listening to the mayhem. Maybe it’s a little freakier here in Nova Scotia because we are even further from civilization. Not to mention a great distance from the road.

Backyard, The Woodlands, TX

Thinking about wild things in TX I’m reminded of an incident that happened one afternoon. I arrived home that day and noticed a large Wax Myrtle bush in our front yard had disappeared. I knew it had been in the yard earlier that day. I called our lawn service and asked if they knew anything about the mysterious missing bush? The owner did not miss a beat. He calmly explained that a Beaver from the lake behind the woods came into our front yard and ate the Wax Myrtle Bush. Oh, yea, I told him, a Beaver passed all the other trees and bushes in favor of one particular bush in my front yard? I suggested he come over and examine the scene of the crime and then ring the bell and look me in the eye and tell me that story, again. 

An hour later he showed up but had a different story to tell. His lawn crew had accidentally run over the bush with the Dixie Chopper! That sounded a lot better then some crazy large Beaver on the loose. In fact, in some regards, having Coyotes sounds better then having a wild giant Beaver on the loose. 

Our Home in The Woodlands, TX


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