Saturday Adventure

Market Music

Saturday morning, Brian and I drove to town for the Farmer’s Market. It was a beautiful day and no surprise, the market was crowded! We visited each booth and for some reason I bought bread from just about everyone selling bread. The German baker from Liverpool had one last loaf of a special German herb bread. The Asian women explained how her husband makes his special cinnamon raisin bread. No matter  that we still have three loafs of bread in the freezer from Sobey’s scratch bakery. Oh well, what’s one more loaf of bread? Not to mention the opportunity for French Toast!

After listening to the music and chatting with the pottery lady and her husband and several other people, we headed over to the new gallery on King Street. I wish I had taken photos as it’s a neat little place. The women who owns it is a professional photographer. She does her own artistic photos plus weddings, portraits, passports, etc. In addition, the gallery is a music store with all kinds of acoustic supplies. The back room is a recording studio. The list of activities seemed endless. Meanwhile, we enjoyed the art on display, I especially liked the wire sculptures of Black Birds.

On our way out of town we were determined to find a garage sale. We noticed a couple of garage sale signs on the way to the market. The signs were a bit confusing.  They were for two different sales, but both signs were the same color.  No arrows were on the signs and the address’s were not easy to read.  I am familiar with the main streets and should have used my GPS. Alas, we found one of the sales.  Turns out we found the right sale, although I will forever wonder what we missed at the other sale.

Shaving Scuttle

The Right Sale was well set up and there were lots of interesting items, including much sought after furniture pieces.  After an overview, I put on my glasses and noticed a couple of safety razors in a display. Peter is interested in safety razors and so at $5 a piece, plus two boxes of blades thrown in for good measure, we had a deal. Next the lady pulled, out an elaborate vintage blade sharpener for $12. OK, that was a  good buy, too.  On a table filled with porcelain and glass I found a lovely old Scuttle or shaving mug. 

Then I noticed what appeared to be a couple of Avon bottles. As it happened, one turned out to be Old Spice.  Little did I know that these bottles, in some circles, are highly collectible, especially the Old Spice!
Old Spice Lighthouse

Vintage Avon Aftershave 

And then I discovered this neat Brass thermometer made in the U.S.A. Perfect for the cottage to tell us the outside temperature. 
Taylor Made

The best part of finding this stuff (junk?) was the surprise I gave Peter when I presented him with my Magic Garage Sale Bag!  Although he does not intend to sell the razors, it turns out that the one small silver color British safety razor is valued at what I paid for everything! It’s was a crazy fun morning. 



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