The EX 2014


Saturday afternoon we all went to The EX to watch the Draft Horse Haul. On the way to The Hauling. Barn we visited the 4H Barn. 

We saw Chickens, Roosters, Sheep and Goats. There was a Llama there, too!


And here are my favorites because they remind me of Cooper and Chewie asleep together:

Rolo & Storm

After the 4H Barn, we strolled through the Ox Barn.

Then it was onto the Horse Haul.

Team One
Three teams competed. two teams weighed 3000 pounds, the third team weighed 2,900. They pulled sleds double their weight! This team was the winner, but the competition was very close. 

Team Two

Team Three
After the competition, we walked around the midway and fair grounds. There was live music on the main stage. Fruit, vegetables, baked goods, handi work and artwork were displayed in the Kitchen.

First Place Red Ribbon!


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