Change in the Weather


There has been a change in the weather.  Last night the temp was about 60 degrees.  Today it’s closer to 70, but with 25 mph winds, it feels closer to 60, again! 

This morning I was on the front porch when the Eagle flew by. I had walked out to take the above photo and ended up with a few shots of the Eagle.  She was so high in the sky that it’s a challenge to adequately capture her beauty with my little camera. 

Possibly, the Eagle is heading out to hunt.  She comes from the North each morning. Yesterday, the gulls made a racket and swarmed the Eagle on her flyover.  Today, with high winds she flew unmolested by the gulls.  With her 6 foot wing span and talons, I’m surprised that the gulls do not fly in a different direction when she appears.  I guess there is safety in a marauding flock vs. one on one. 

The cool weather has been wonderful for sleeping in.  We all have been a bit lazy this a.m. Yesterday, after coffee we walked down to Maddies Cove and back with the dogs.  Here are a few photo’s from yesterday morning:

Cooler Weather bring Hints of Fall . . . 

When the Sun is out, fall seems days away . . . 


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