We missed the Hootenanny last night, but got to town this morning in time for the Saturday Market and a couple of garage sales.  Bri and I decided to return to the Focus Gallery to see the new exhibition.  It was a group show featuring one of my favorite local artists, Ernie Dexter.  I recognized his paintings immediately. They are distinctive.  I met Mr. Dexter several years ago at an event in town.  It was wonderful  to see his work and catch up with Lisa at the gallery.  

Lisa of Focus Gallery

Bri and I also played tourist and visited the Ross Thomson House and Store Museum.  A young women in period dress gave us a personal tour of the property.  Oops, I picked up a French copy of the informative brochure! Let’s just say the building dates to 1783 and is worth a visit.  Here are some photos that I took:

Birch Brooms, Barrels and Tobacco

Ross-Thomson House & Store Museum

Front Door with a keyhole large enough for
a mouse to slip through . . .

Basement walkout with hand wrought iron hardware

A Poor Man’s Window

We also walked down Charlotte lane and here are a few more photographs taken in Historic Downtown Shelburne.

Additional note on Ross-Thomson House & Store Museum:

“Travel back to the 1780’s Nova Scotia and the brand-new town of Shelburne. Here, thousands of Loyalist refugees looked for a new life after the American War of Independence.  

Seasoned merchants George and Robert Ross carried on an international trade in tea, coffee, rum, port and wine while their store offered both necessities and luxuries to the town’s residents.

Greet the clerk and step up to a store counter stocked with the kind of goods the Ross brothers once bartered and sold. Spend some time inside their living quarters, furnished in the sparse but elegant style of the period.

Above the shop, see the Militia Room.  You might even meet a 1780’s militia guard!” . . . Shelburne Historical Society 


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