Running out of time . . .


Today we woke to morning clouds which quickly burned off into a beautiful blue sky day.  Time is running out. This Wednesday morning the Nova Star Ferry departs.   There is today then it’s all business as we prepare to return to Hobe Sound.  

Rudy stopped by this afternoon.  It was great fun to sit out and listen to his stories of Raccoon’s and wild Turkey’s, to name a few of the topics discussed.  After Rudy departed we continued to sit out and take in the view. 

I have been meaning to tell you about my trip to the local Jordan Branch post office.  It’s like nothing I have ever seen before.  While buying stamps I was distracted by the view through the window behind the postal counter.   I was compelled to ask the Postmaster if it would be possible to look out back.  He gladly obliged and also shared the story of his home. 

The house was built by his Great Grandfather.  At one point in time the family sold their home to a timber company.  A few years ago the property came on the market.  He bought it and together with his wife moved into his Grandparents homestead. 

Here is what I saw on the other side of the Postal Desk:

The Jordan River

The Postmaster told me that the Jordan River is very clean due to the quick tide flow. They swim in the river from rock to rock all the time!  Kayaks and Canoes go by daily. And of course, they fish the river, too. What an amazing spot for a Post Office!!

Afternoon Surf

When I returned home, Peter and I walked down to the Beach to watch the surf roll in and out.  It has been a very good vacation.  We wish we had another week to enjoy . . . 

Grandview Sunset, 2014


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