This and That


Thought I would catch you up on a few more details before we depart.  Yes, we do make pizza here at the cottage.  The Friday night tradition continues even in Nova Scotia.  

Of course, where there is Pizza there is beer.  We still enjoy a glass of the local brew, Boxing Rock in a cold, frosty mug:

However, I would be remiss if I did not mention the Nova Scotia other local favorite, Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale. On a hot day, or a cold day, with a slice or alone, this India Pale Ale is the very best.  

While on the subject of Pizza and Beer, here are a few photographs of some items found in the local grocery that I have not seen in the States:

Free Run vs Free Range, these are amazing eggs!

Oatmeal in Bags
Milk is also sold in bags.

Almond Milk in French
Very Large Cheese Block

Acadia Baking Powder


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