Cooper in his Life Jacket

When the weather is nice we often spend one weekend day out on the water.  A few weeks back, we discovered what so many South Florida boaters know about having fun out on the water.  It’s pulling up to one of the many sandbars.  That Saturday, the full moon created extensive sandbars near the St. Lucie Inlet.  We had so much fun exploring that we decided the next time we went on the boat, we would bring our Papillion, Cooper, too!  


First things first, we ordered a PFD for Cooper.  The above photograph is of Cooper trying on his new vest.  Then last weekend, after packing the boat bag with everything Cooper might need, off we went.


Here is Cooper posing on our 18′ Boston Whaler, Good Karma.  We chose Cooper for this adventure because of our three dogs he is the smartest, friendliest, and most easy going of all.  In fact, one of his many nicknames is Mr. Smarty Pants.  


For his first time on the boat, Cooper did amazingly well.  He sat on the bench between me and Peter and enjoyed the ride.  It did not take long to arrive at the sandbar.  After placing the anchors, I climbed down the ladder and Peter handed Cooper to me.  He immediately began to swim.  Together, we headed for shore.  Once on shore, the PFD did not hinder him in the least.  He ran up to the first group of children he saw and made some new friends.   



Cooper Amazing Swim Dog!

When I removed the PFD, in a blink of an eye, Cooper was off chasing  birds.  All I had to do was call his name and he ran right back to me.  Then, together we explored the sand bar.  Crossing a small stream over to another bit of sand.  We found crabs, hermit crabs, clams, scallops, and all manner of fish.  Before long it was time for lunch so we headed back to Good Karma to get out of the sun.

Click this link to watch Cooper swim in a tide pool:


After a fun day out of the water we now really have a Salty Dog!



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