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How lucky am I?  A good Hobe Sound friend used to live on Palm Beach Island.  She said, let’s plan a date and then, “Let’s Go”!  Guess, what?  We did just that . . .

We drove over the bridge and directly to her former street.  The street  was ideally located between the bike path  and the ocean.  She used to walk and ride her bike all over the Island back when they lived here.  Then we drove around to look at all the Estates and enormous Ficus hedges.  I have never seen hedges so tall in all my life!  After passing by Largo Mar we drove along the ocean sparkling in the sun and then down Worth Ave to a convenient parking lot.   First stop was down a small Via and directly into a shop that could have easily been in Venice, Italy.  

PB Venice 6

We could have spent all day just in this one shop! 

PB Venice 7 PB Venice 8 PB Venice 4 PB Venice 1PB Venice 9PB Venice 5This lovey shop seemed to go on and on and everywhere you looked there was something more fabulous than the next.  It is called Maryanna Suzanna, Distinctive Italian Ceramics and Glass.

PB ViaA typical Via entry. 

PB CJ LaingA typical shop.

PB Iron WorkIronwork in a Via.

PB Via 2PB Courtyard

Then we found a really  neat paper shop.

PB Paper Shop 3PB Paper ShopWe continued our exploration, dipping in and out of unique shops on a perfectly beautiful day until it was time to head over to Nick & Johnnie’s for lunch.  Thank you, Doreen, for a memorable  insider’s tour of Palm Beach Island!  

Compas rose


Sunday Cake


Peter mentioned that he would love a Chocolate Cake while we were out walking this a.m. When we got back home I looked into the fridge and decided to make his wish come true.

C Cake 4

I dug out my Mom’s best cake pans and my favorite cake box.  Then, with a few bars of chocolate, I managed to make two lovely, moist cakes for a chocolate layer cake.

C Cake 3 C Cake 2

Once the cakes were on the racks cooling, I whipped up a chocolate frosting with a second bar of chocolate.  This is the result, but we really will not know until we have a slice after dinner, tonight.

C Cake 1