Sunday Cake


Peter mentioned that he would love a Chocolate Cake while we were out walking this a.m. When we got back home I looked into the fridge and decided to make his wish come true.

C Cake 4

I dug out my Mom’s best cake pans and my favorite cake box.  Then, with a few bars of chocolate, I managed to make two lovely, moist cakes for a chocolate layer cake.

C Cake 3 C Cake 2

Once the cakes were on the racks cooling, I whipped up a chocolate frosting with a second bar of chocolate.  This is the result, but we really will not know until we have a slice after dinner, tonight.

C Cake 1


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    • KJ, The cake was the best ever! Moist and rich. I took the recipe right off the chocolate wrapper. Since Nestles has an inventory of chocolate to sell, I decided to give it a try. I only wish you and David were here to enjoy with us!


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