Summer Love, Part 2: Swan Lake


Summer, 1976

As Saturday night approached my dilemma was what to wear to the ballet? My sister had recently bought a beautiful new dress that I thought was perfect for a big night out. Unfortunately, she turned me down when I asked to borrow it. I did get lucky as she departed our house before Peter was scheduled to arrive. I quickly snatched the dress and was ready when the doorbell rang. It was my date and to my surprise, he was tall and handsome! After saying hello and introducing himself to my mom, he escorted me to his car, an older FIAT that he borrowed from his brother.  He opened the passenger door, helped me inside,  and closed the door. A perfect gentlemen. I was impressed.


Me, 1976

He carefully backed out of our driveway onto busy Branch Ave and headed to White Road. We had not yet crossed the railroad tracks when the car started making a very loud noise. Oh, there goes our big night out! Undeterred, Peter pulled the car over to the side of the road and excused himself. He got out to inspect the problem. The muffler was falling off the vehicle. This was not going to stop the Fiat from getting us to the City. He kicked the muffler off the car, popped the trunk and threw it inside. Wiping his hands, on a handkerchief, he slammed the trunk shut and off we roared to New York City and an exciting night on the town!

Shrewsbury River

Shrewsbury River View, 1976

This was the beginning of our lives together. From that night on, we were more or less, inseparable. He wined and dined me regularly in New York or Philadelphia. As a recent college graduate he had a good job and before long a small apartment in Sea Bright. The front window overlooked the Atlantic and rear window the Shrewsbury River. We could see NYC in the distant skyline. One evening when we were cooking dinner in the little apartment, I looked at him and I knew that he was the one. On Tuesday, July 21, 2015, we celebrate 36 years of marriage, two great children, a son, Dan, and our daughter, Lisa, plus a life full of adventure. 

Our Wedding


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