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Acadian Adventure


White House 1

My brother-in-law, Brian arrived Tuesday.  Yesterday we decided to drive about one hour south to visit Le Village Historique Acadien, in Pubnico.  Jordan Bay was foggy when we departed, but Pubnico was bright and sunny when we arrived.  The early 1900’s Acadian village is situated on a beautiful 17 acre site overlooking Pubnico Harbour.  


We arrived about 1 pm in time for lunch in the Museum cafe.  The special was “Fricot”, a hearty chicken stew with vegetables and dumplings.  Delicious! After lunch we headed through the glass doors to explore the village.

Harbor (2)

We first met the cows in their pasture overlooking the harbor.  Then we visited homes and shops and met the people who lived and worked in the village.  They told us the story of life here from as early as 1832 to the mid – 1900’s.  

Red Wagon White Door


Bless our Family

After visiting the two houses we peeked into the Shoemaker Shop that later became the Post Office.


We probably had the most fun visiting the Blacksmith. He demonstrated how to make nails.

Blacksmith Blacksmith 2

Then we strolled down toward the waterfront and learned about boat building, salting fish and making lobster pots.


Boat Barn Marsh

The walking trail around the village led us through a small wood and up a hill to the Lighthouse. 


White House 2

Our last stop was the Acadian Cemetery . . . 

Iron Cross Memory 2 Memory 1 Memory 3


Raspberries on Sale


r berriesWhen you find and save a recipe on Pinterest, do you ever make it?  I confess I love to save those beautiful photo’s of luscious treats onto my FOOD board.  Honestly, I have dozens, and I  have never made one of them! When I walked into Sobey’s Grocery today and found beautiful, fresh, luscious raspberries on sale, I knew what I HAD to do.  I bought the berries and ingredients for a very pretty Raspberry Cake I had recently found on Pinterest.  I went home and made the cake, today.  Of course, the recipe I chose was Italian, made in Italy and written in Italian.  I used the translator on my computer to be able to read the recipe.  Unfortunately, only the ingredients made sense in the translation. The directions were confusing. Nevertheless, I set to work to make this beautiful confection:

Cake 3 Cake 2 Cake 4 Cake 5

I would include the recipe here, but I was not able to copy it.  If you want it, email me and I’ll send you a link or you can find it on my Pinterest page, under FOOD. 

Sliced Cake

Brian is here to visit and both he and Peter seemed to like the cake very much.   The next time I make it, I need to firm up the custard.  Otherwise, the Cake turned out well. The ingredients:  sponge cake, vanilla syrup, pastry cream, fresh raspberries and Italian meringue are a foolproof, delicious combination.

Along Came a Spider . . .


Spider 3

There is nothing like walking out the front door and directly into a HUGE spider web! Luckily, I noticed the Spider and the web before meeting him head on.

Spider 2

This was not the first time Mr. Spider visited the cottage.  Years past, he set up at the side of the entry vs, directly at the front door.  The web was enormous and the spider ran all over it tending small details.  We had to knock the web down because of it’s location. The web may be gone, but he’s still out there and able to build again.  Just not at our front door.

Over the years other unusual animals have stopped by. One day, we arrived home and found this guy in the front yard . . . 


Porky 3We were lucky the dogs were inside and the porcupine did not stick around.  He slowly waddled back into the forest. Some visitors are no problem.  This little one, for instance . . . 


Bunny 2


A project was in order. We stopped at Woodworkers Home Hardware and I bought a gallon of furniture stripper and supplies. A couple of old dressers needed a new look. The one “before” photo is  old and piled with stuff. Without a garage or barn, or shed on the property, the master bedroom often is overwhelmed with stuff.

worked on the small dresser, first. I had no idea beneath cream, olive green, bright blue, pink, white and a load of varnish that a maple dresser would be uncovered. Talk about “Junking for Treasure”. We had buried treasure right here in the cottage waiting for discovery.





Peter helped by cleaning the hardware with a blow torch. Each pull had six layers of paint. And although I worked hard on the project, it’s definitely not a perfect job.  Here is the large dresser, “before”:Dresser good

I stripped until I ran out of stripper. Next summer I’ll pick up where I left off and finish the job. A palm sander will help remove the rough spots inside the maple piece and hopefully, make the oak piece better, too.


This one has potential. Beneath the dresser scarf in the “before” photo was stenciled olive green leaves. The paint had to go! The dresser is made of Oak. White primer is embedded into the wood surface. The large dresser mirror is amazingly heavy with a deep bevel. It’s nicely carved, too! You could not see the carving for all the paint!


Pink Sky


The same day that we saw the clear morning sky a haze settled in the evening.  As the sun set, the sky lite up though the haze.  Later that night the haze blew away.  As we stood outside to star gaze, we saw the Milky Way, The Big Dipper and then, suddenly a very bright shooting star flew overhead.  Pink Sky 2 Pink Sky 4 Pink sky 6 Pink Sky 7 Pink Sky 8 Pink Sky 9

Hornet’s Nest


I though the Hornet’s Nest at The Big Blueberry Farm was big.  Little did I know that we have our very own nest here at Grandview Cottage.  

Hornet NestI wonder how long it took the Hornet’s to build this under the high eve of the cottage? We are lucky it’s so high up that the Hornets don’t bother us and we don’t bother the Hornets.

WallAfter the nest discovery, I walked down along the rock wall toward the water. Peter said that before he mowed the high meadow grass he could clearly see the deer nesting spots. On my way in from Town last week I saw a Doe and two fawns crossing Sandy Point Road. If we’re lucky, they may pay us a visit before we depart.

Meadow WaterForestBird Box

Junking for Treasure


It was a pleasant surprise to see several new shops in town this summer. In typical Shelburne fashion, I learned about more places to visit at each new shop. Saturday morning I woke early and headed into town for a garage sale, then onto the Farmer’s Market.  After, I stumbled on another garage sale. Once all the local stuff was covered, I decided to drive toward Yarmouth and search out “Veronica’s Antiques and Variety Store”.  One of the new shopkeeper’s said it was worth the drive.

Antiquest 5

Veronica’s Vintage and Variety Store

The location of Veronica’s was described as only two exits outside of Shelburne.  What they failed to mention was that once you take exit 28, the shop is approximately, 10 kilometers over hill and dale. I admit it was a pretty drive past farms with river and sea views, but it was still a long drive.  I pulled up just as Veronica was opening and putting things out into the yard. The building was old and somewhat nondescript.   I said hello and walked inside.  What a relief, Veronica did not disappoint!

Antiques 4

Meet Veronica in her Shop!

The shop was well organized and beautifully presented.  The interior of the building had an original tin ceiling and an interesting peephole in the front door. Over it’s lifetime, the building had at one time been a Temperance Hall, a Speakeasy, a Community Center, a Children’s Center and now that Veronica had purchased and updated the electric service among other things, it is a wonderful shop filled with all manner of vintage and unique items. 

Antiques 2

Veronica’s First Floor, view left

Antiques 1

Veronica’s First Floor, view right

Antiques 3

Veronica’s Attic

After scouring Veronica’s for treasure, I headed back toward the highway but turned left rather than right in order to check out a large BARN SALE sign.  


I walked inside the Clyde River Pickers barn and was immediately drawn to this amazing vintage wood burning stove:

Pick 1

WOW!  What a beauty!  To bad it is too big for our cottage.  Or, maybe that is a good thing as the asking price was more than I would spend for a stove.

Pick 2

Pick 3

Clyde River Picker’s

Clyde (2)

This “Moose Chair” was a first. I’ll probably never see another chair like it!

Pick 6

Typical Farmhouse, Clyde River

Before long I was back on the road and headed toward Shelburne.  I made one more stop in town to a very small new shop located on the corner of Water Street,  behind a lovely historic home called “Humphries House”.

Ravens RoomThe woman who owned Humphries House in Shelburne sold a few years ago to a nice couple from Liverpool.  Rather than using the house as their shop, as the former owner had, they set up this small house in the rear/side yard.  If no one is there you simply ring the back bell or call for an appointment.  It was interesting to me that there was no electric lighting inside the small house. Photo’s were difficult to take, so I’ll describe what I found. Lovely original hooked rugs of all sizes, Indian art and artifacts unusual Folk art carvings, paintings, local wood carvings, etc. 


Meet Spike! Raven’s Room Doorbell Greeter . . .

The following photo’s are of my Treasure, found today: 

Treasure 4

Vintage Mirrors

Treasure 2

Driftwood Cork Board from the Farmer’s Market, Vintage Mirror, Folk Art carving of Jesus.


Big Brown Bottle

Treasure 1

Glass Doorknob Set, Small Hooked Rug, Handmade wooden “Dresser” box.

Wood Craft’s For Sale

Drive Walk 2

Driveway Walk

Drive Walk

Driveway Walk

The day started on the property, by taking the dogs for a nice long walk around the yard then up and back down the driveway and over to the water and back.  We noticed Wild Blueberries EVERYWHERE. Our neighbor’s speedboat went by with a rush and a wave and children’s joyous shrieks.  We sat awhile watching the tide go out while listening to the gulls scream overhead.  After a bit, I convinced Peter to pick a few bowls of Blueberries with me.  After picking in the cool morning air we cleaned up and went to town for our yearly lunch at Tim Horton’s. 


Lunch was delicious, but let’s face it, the Donuts and Coffee make Tim Horton’s GREAT!

After lunch we headed to the Shelburne Visitor’s Center to pick up the local Walking Trail information. The Visitor Center is located in an old Bandstand directly on Shelburne Harbour.  We parked the car on Water Street and walked over to the building.  Two sailboats on the water caught our eye . . .


Shelburne Harbor Sailboats


Shelburne Harbor near the Visitor’s Center on Dock Street

V Center

Outside the Visitor’s Center

We noticed outside the Visitor Center some crazy wooden sculptures and Whirly Gigs. I saw some of these last summer at the Farmer’s Market, but could not really figure them out. Inside, the nice ladies told us how to find the Woodcarver, Paul Chetwynd. His shop was on the way to Sobey’s Grocery, our next stop . . . 

Welcome Center

Shelburne Visitor’s Center and Helpful Ladies

Shag Harbour

Before leaving we chatted with the ladies and Peter found the Walking Trail info. Note that the Shag Harbour UFO Festival is going on NOW! 

Wood CraftsNeedless to say that once we turned down Paul’s street, his home and shop were easy to find!  


Meet The Shelburne 2014 Whirly Gig Festival People’s Choice Award Winner: Paul Chetwynd!

Big Dragonfly

Mushrooms and Toadstools with all kinds of Animals and Insects reminded me of Alice in Wonderland.

Fish Owl

Dragon Fly


Blue Heron

Honestly, between the riot of color and all the different shapes and sizes I was a bit overwhelmed.  I asked Peter which one he liked best and to my surprise, he immediately chose the Cutthroat Trout. Selection made, we carefully carried out newest piece of art home to the cottage.

Cutthroat Trout

I put it on the top of the bookshelf near the old Fly Rods

Trout 2

It turned out to be a memorable day.  Peter made an excellent choice.  Don’t you agree? 

Owl 3

Yes, that is a mouse in the Owl’s talons . . . and another brave mouse is below in the Toad Stools.

Owl two two Owl 4 Owl 5