Catching Up in Canada . . .


HatWe arrived last Friday after departing Hobe Sound Tuesday afternoon. Although Grandview Cottage is our relaxing, “get away”, so far this visit, we have been rather busy!

Me and Nutty B

Relaxing with Nutty Bee

First things first, we have BLUEBERRIES.  A very large number of low, wild blueberry bushes along the cliff are bursting with tons of berries.  My first few days were occupied picking several large bowls full of blueberries.  Then, I spent a couple of days cleaning them.  Making jam is quick and easy compared to getting the fruit picked and prepared.  After making two batches of jam, I still  have a large container of fresh, clean wild blueberries in the fridge.  I think they are waiting to become pie, or maybe muffins, or possibly a rustic Blueberry Galette, or Peter’s favorite, Blueberry Cheesecake?   I’ll  update you on what I make at another time.  I can tell you that we did enjoy a few blueberry pancakes last week. Unfortunately we ate the pancakes with Nova Scotia maple syrup before I could take a photo to share. Trust me, they were delicious!

Blue Blueberry Blue Blueberry 2

Blue Bounty

In addition to picking Blueberries, we have been kayaking on Jordan Bay.  The first morning out the tide was low exposing the sand beach.  Perfect for launching into the wind.  On occasion we see seals or small black dolphins out on the Bay.  Last week we enjoyed a variety of shore birds and the view into the cool, clear water of the mossy rocks and an occasional jelly fish.  



Kayak View using Iphone waterproof case. The case makes photo’s a little fuzzy.

Friday night the Blue Moon rose over Jordan Bay.  Peter and I returned from dinner in town just in time for the Big Blue Moon Show!  

Blue Moon sunset

Blue Moon Sunset

Blue Moon

Blue Moon Rise

A Blue Moon is a full moon rise that happens twice in one month.  The last full moon rise was July 1 and then on Friday, July 31, it became a “Blue Moon”.  It was beautiful to experience, but the bright light streamed through the cottage windows. Even our window blinds could not keep the moon light out. Saturday morning after visiting the Farmers Market,  I swung by the Hardware store and picked up the last drop cloth available.  Back at the cottage, I made lined curtains for the bedroom with the drop cloth and some old sheets that we had in the closet.  The drop cloth they sell here is the color of oatmeal, and 100 percent cotton.  I am happy to report that they do block out the beautiful, but bright moon light.

Seaside Sew

Old Singer Sewing Machine Found at a local Thrift Shop.


Lined Drop Cloth Curtains with Ribbon and Clothes Pin Tie Backs.

 Rocky 2Yes, it was a very busy week.  But now, I feel all caught up and will keep you posted on my next big or small adventure.  


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