Boats on The Water and in the Yard


Sunrise todayI woke this morning in time to catch the sunrise.  It has been a beautiful day, sunny, cool and breezy. The normally quiet Jordan Bay was busy as six moss boats flew by toward Enslow’s Point. Later, we watched the six boats, in pairs of two and fully loaded with moss, slowly headed into the wind and waves toward Shelburne Harbor.  

Moss Boat 1

Moss Boats headed back to Shelburne

moss boat 2

In spite of the fact that seeing a boat on Jordan Bay is “news” around here, there is a very active boating community in town at the Shelburne Yacht Club.  We walked by Friday night and watched the Sailing Club children breaking down and cleaning up their dingy’s for the day.  Here is a photo of the Yacht Club boats at dock.

Yacht Club

When we were in town the night of the Blue Moon, I noticed this lovely old canoe in front of an equally lovely garage:

BarnWe spent most of the cool and breezy day out in the garden.  Chewie and Cooper spied a Vole or it could have been a Mole.  Because Lizards are their usual prey, they simply followed the little guy around the yard and let him slip down a hole.  By the time we all headed back inside the cottage a gentle fog was rolling in from the Atlantic toward Enslow’s Point. 

Bay Chew

Chewie Searching For Moles & Voles


Fog on Enslow’s Point


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