Fogged In

Crescent Beach

Crescent Beach, Lockeport, Nova Scotia

There is a saying here and also on Nantucket Island:  FOG HAPPENS.  And that about sums up today.  We took advantage of the Fog to drive to Lockeport, located on the other side of Jordan Bay.  We had lunch in a local restaurant, The White Gull. I say restaurant, but it’s more like an institution.  While Gull is located on the harbor and directly next to the warehouse that accepts and processes the local catch.  It’s the first place we visited back in 1999 when we came to find our cottage.  I’ll just post a few pics and you will understand.  

Lobster lunch 2

Fish Chowder, homemade biscuit, Keith’s Pale Ale and a luscious Lobster Roll.

lobster roll

Lobster Roll!

After lunch we walked around town and to my favorite place, The Town Market.  

Town Market

Town Market, Lockeport

Tin Ceiling

Town Market Tin Ceiling.

George Market SignsWhen we stopped at the local hardware store this friendly fellow came right over to say hello:

Welcome Cat

Official Welcome Cat

Lockeport Harbor

Foggy Harbor

Historic Lockport

Looking over the Harbor at several Victorian style Historic Houses.

At Crescent Beach I met a lady with a large pot.  She walked down to the surf and filled her pot with sea water.  She was making clams and planned to use the water to steam them.

CB 2

Crescent Beach.

Crescent Beach

The women in the yellow shirt has the pot for seawater!

CB 1 House at C Beach


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