Big Blues

Big Blues 2

Rick’s Big Blueberry Farm

We first met Joyce back in 1999.  She helped us find and buy Grandview Cottage. Shelburne is such a special community that once we met Joyce, we knew we had a friend for life.  Joyce has advised us of all manner of things “Shelburne” over the years. For the past five years she has been away in Ontario.  Recently, Joyce returned for the summer before her next adventure: Ecuador starting October, 2015.  

We met at The Bean Dock at 1 pm for lunch.  Then, we took off up the Ohio Road in search of a special High Bush Blueberry Farm.  To find the place you have to know the “clues”, as there is no sign or number to identify the turn off.  Joyce pointed out a house just before the turn so that I would remember should I wish to return another day.  It’s a nice drive through the woods to a dead end and a little left turn.  And then, we saw the clearing and row upon row of High Bush Blueberries.  We were very lucky, the owner, Rick was there to give us a private tour.

Farmer Rick

Rick, “Mr. Blueberry”

Rick gave us a crash course in Blueberries 1O1.  The bushes bear fruit all summer long and into the fall.  He recommended we taste the fruit before picking to be certain we liked it.  Can you imagine doing that at the grocery store??  He walked us all over the farm showing us the different varieties, Joyce was keen to try the Blueberry Pie Blueberries.  He showed us the ripe berries and the rows of berries that were not ready to pick even though they were blue.  He made a special point of showing us a very large Hornet nest in one of the bushes.  Joyce inquired about bears and Rick told her we were making way to much noise to worry about bears. He did say a six point Buck  had visited the night before . . . 

Hornets Nest

Hornet’s Nest in a Big Blue Bush

Big Blues are super easy to pick and to clean.  There is no bending and squatting in the bushes, just put your bowl under a branch and drop the big beautiful berries into the container.  Another bonus is I didn’t spend hours sorting and removing leaves and bugs from the berries to clean them.  Just pull a few stems, remove a leaf, drop a spider out the front door (or get “someone” else to do it) and they are ready to go! The Wild Berries are a lot more labor intensive with leaves, twigs, inch worms, bugs, spiders, etc.


Joyce Picking

Joyce & Rick

Joyce & Rick


me and Rick

Rick and Me

Big Blues

My Blueberry Bounty!

We quickly filled our baskets and paid Rick.  When Rick is not at the farm people pick on the honor system.  He said he could not count the times someone came up to him and pressed money into his hand explaining that they “owed” him for blueberries!  



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