Wood Craft’s For Sale

Drive Walk 2

Driveway Walk

Drive Walk

Driveway Walk

The day started on the property, by taking the dogs for a nice long walk around the yard then up and back down the driveway and over to the water and back.  We noticed Wild Blueberries EVERYWHERE. Our neighbor’s speedboat went by with a rush and a wave and children’s joyous shrieks.  We sat awhile watching the tide go out while listening to the gulls scream overhead.  After a bit, I convinced Peter to pick a few bowls of Blueberries with me.  After picking in the cool morning air we cleaned up and went to town for our yearly lunch at Tim Horton’s. 


Lunch was delicious, but let’s face it, the Donuts and Coffee make Tim Horton’s GREAT!

After lunch we headed to the Shelburne Visitor’s Center to pick up the local Walking Trail information. The Visitor Center is located in an old Bandstand directly on Shelburne Harbour.  We parked the car on Water Street and walked over to the building.  Two sailboats on the water caught our eye . . .


Shelburne Harbor Sailboats


Shelburne Harbor near the Visitor’s Center on Dock Street

V Center

Outside the Visitor’s Center

We noticed outside the Visitor Center some crazy wooden sculptures and Whirly Gigs. I saw some of these last summer at the Farmer’s Market, but could not really figure them out. Inside, the nice ladies told us how to find the Woodcarver, Paul Chetwynd. His shop was on the way to Sobey’s Grocery, our next stop . . . 

Welcome Center

Shelburne Visitor’s Center and Helpful Ladies

Shag Harbour

Before leaving we chatted with the ladies and Peter found the Walking Trail info. Note that the Shag Harbour UFO Festival is going on NOW! 

Wood CraftsNeedless to say that once we turned down Paul’s street, his home and shop were easy to find!  


Meet The Shelburne 2014 Whirly Gig Festival People’s Choice Award Winner: Paul Chetwynd!

Big Dragonfly

Mushrooms and Toadstools with all kinds of Animals and Insects reminded me of Alice in Wonderland.

Fish Owl

Dragon Fly


Blue Heron

Honestly, between the riot of color and all the different shapes and sizes I was a bit overwhelmed.  I asked Peter which one he liked best and to my surprise, he immediately chose the Cutthroat Trout. Selection made, we carefully carried out newest piece of art home to the cottage.

Cutthroat Trout

I put it on the top of the bookshelf near the old Fly Rods

Trout 2

It turned out to be a memorable day.  Peter made an excellent choice.  Don’t you agree? 

Owl 3

Yes, that is a mouse in the Owl’s talons . . . and another brave mouse is below in the Toad Stools.

Owl two two Owl 4 Owl 5


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