Junking for Treasure


It was a pleasant surprise to see several new shops in town this summer. In typical Shelburne fashion, I learned about more places to visit at each new shop. Saturday morning I woke early and headed into town for a garage sale, then onto the Farmer’s Market.  After, I stumbled on another garage sale. Once all the local stuff was covered, I decided to drive toward Yarmouth and search out “Veronica’s Antiques and Variety Store”.  One of the new shopkeeper’s said it was worth the drive.

Antiquest 5

Veronica’s Vintage and Variety Store

The location of Veronica’s was described as only two exits outside of Shelburne.  What they failed to mention was that once you take exit 28, the shop is approximately, 10 kilometers over hill and dale. I admit it was a pretty drive past farms with river and sea views, but it was still a long drive.  I pulled up just as Veronica was opening and putting things out into the yard. The building was old and somewhat nondescript.   I said hello and walked inside.  What a relief, Veronica did not disappoint!

Antiques 4

Meet Veronica in her Shop!

The shop was well organized and beautifully presented.  The interior of the building had an original tin ceiling and an interesting peephole in the front door. Over it’s lifetime, the building had at one time been a Temperance Hall, a Speakeasy, a Community Center, a Children’s Center and now that Veronica had purchased and updated the electric service among other things, it is a wonderful shop filled with all manner of vintage and unique items. 

Antiques 2

Veronica’s First Floor, view left

Antiques 1

Veronica’s First Floor, view right

Antiques 3

Veronica’s Attic

After scouring Veronica’s for treasure, I headed back toward the highway but turned left rather than right in order to check out a large BARN SALE sign.  


I walked inside the Clyde River Pickers barn and was immediately drawn to this amazing vintage wood burning stove:

Pick 1

WOW!  What a beauty!  To bad it is too big for our cottage.  Or, maybe that is a good thing as the asking price was more than I would spend for a stove.

Pick 2

Pick 3

Clyde River Picker’s

Clyde (2)

This “Moose Chair” was a first. I’ll probably never see another chair like it!

Pick 6

Typical Farmhouse, Clyde River

Before long I was back on the road and headed toward Shelburne.  I made one more stop in town to a very small new shop located on the corner of Water Street,  behind a lovely historic home called “Humphries House”.

Ravens RoomThe woman who owned Humphries House in Shelburne sold a few years ago to a nice couple from Liverpool.  Rather than using the house as their shop, as the former owner had, they set up this small house in the rear/side yard.  If no one is there you simply ring the back bell or call for an appointment.  It was interesting to me that there was no electric lighting inside the small house. Photo’s were difficult to take, so I’ll describe what I found. Lovely original hooked rugs of all sizes, Indian art and artifacts unusual Folk art carvings, paintings, local wood carvings, etc. 


Meet Spike! Raven’s Room Doorbell Greeter . . .

The following photo’s are of my Treasure, found today: 

Treasure 4

Vintage Mirrors

Treasure 2

Driftwood Cork Board from the Farmer’s Market, Vintage Mirror, Folk Art carving of Jesus.


Big Brown Bottle

Treasure 1

Glass Doorknob Set, Small Hooked Rug, Handmade wooden “Dresser” box.


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