A project was in order. We stopped at Woodworkers Home Hardware and I bought a gallon of furniture stripper and supplies. A couple of old dressers needed a new look. The one “before” photo is  old and piled with stuff. Without a garage or barn, or shed on the property, the master bedroom often is overwhelmed with stuff.

worked on the small dresser, first. I had no idea beneath cream, olive green, bright blue, pink, white and a load of varnish that a maple dresser would be uncovered. Talk about “Junking for Treasure”. We had buried treasure right here in the cottage waiting for discovery.





Peter helped by cleaning the hardware with a blow torch. Each pull had six layers of paint. And although I worked hard on the project, it’s definitely not a perfect job.  Here is the large dresser, “before”:Dresser good

I stripped until I ran out of stripper. Next summer I’ll pick up where I left off and finish the job. A palm sander will help remove the rough spots inside the maple piece and hopefully, make the oak piece better, too.


This one has potential. Beneath the dresser scarf in the “before” photo was stenciled olive green leaves. The paint had to go! The dresser is made of Oak. White primer is embedded into the wood surface. The large dresser mirror is amazingly heavy with a deep bevel. It’s nicely carved, too! You could not see the carving for all the paint!



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