Along Came a Spider . . .


Spider 3

There is nothing like walking out the front door and directly into a HUGE spider web! Luckily, I noticed the Spider and the web before meeting him head on.

Spider 2

This was not the first time Mr. Spider visited the cottage.  Years past, he set up at the side of the entry vs, directly at the front door.  The web was enormous and the spider ran all over it tending small details.  We had to knock the web down because of it’s location. The web may be gone, but he’s still out there and able to build again.  Just not at our front door.

Over the years other unusual animals have stopped by. One day, we arrived home and found this guy in the front yard . . . 


Porky 3We were lucky the dogs were inside and the porcupine did not stick around.  He slowly waddled back into the forest. Some visitors are no problem.  This little one, for instance . . . 


Bunny 2


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