Raspberries on Sale


r berriesWhen you find and save a recipe on Pinterest, do you ever make it?  I confess I love to save those beautiful photo’s of luscious treats onto my FOOD board.  Honestly, I have dozens, and I  have never made one of them! When I walked into Sobey’s Grocery today and found beautiful, fresh, luscious raspberries on sale, I knew what I HAD to do.  I bought the berries and ingredients for a very pretty Raspberry Cake I had recently found on Pinterest.  I went home and made the cake, today.  Of course, the recipe I chose was Italian, made in Italy and written in Italian.  I used the translator on my computer to be able to read the recipe.  Unfortunately, only the ingredients made sense in the translation. The directions were confusing. Nevertheless, I set to work to make this beautiful confection:

Cake 3 Cake 2 Cake 4 Cake 5

I would include the recipe here, but I was not able to copy it.  If you want it, email me and I’ll send you a link or you can find it on my Pinterest page, under FOOD. 

Sliced Cake

Brian is here to visit and both he and Peter seemed to like the cake very much.   The next time I make it, I need to firm up the custard.  Otherwise, the Cake turned out well. The ingredients:  sponge cake, vanilla syrup, pastry cream, fresh raspberries and Italian meringue are a foolproof, delicious combination.


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  1. Yum! Looks delicious! My favorite picture is the cake in the window with the BEAUTIFUL scenery in the background! It rained again this afternoon. Leaving in the am for NJ and the Reunion on Sat. Wish you were going too:)


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